Hidden history in our South West farmland

I took my time coming back from Dumbleyoung Lake on the weekend and found a few gems like this on the way home.

The light was dancing due to the broken clouds drifting over head which made for some nice effects once you got up and above the scene a bit.

This is a 10 image stitch with the Phantom 4 Pro.

When even I shoot scenes like this I wonder what stories those walls could tell if they could.

What a different world we live in today compared to the simple life back then and I think you could have a long debate over if we have managed to improve our lifestyles with all the progress!

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The Southern Skies of Dumbleyoung Lake

On a cold winters night and after shooting the Northern Skies on Saturday night we decided to venture over the hill to see what we could find.

It was pitch black as there was no moon out and we managed to scare a couple of owls from their perches. Not sure who was scared the most…them or us, but onwards we marched until we found this little scene.

Night shooting is soooo much more difficult than in the day. You can’t see the composition in live view, or through the lens, so the initial shots are just to get your set up right.

Then there is the issue of the lens fogging up every minute so constant diligence on that front is imperative.

Then there is the issue of getting a focus and in this instance I went to infinity and back off a bit and did some test shots.

Tripod level, test shots done and time for a stitch.

This is a 10 image stitch with my 14-24 mm Nikon lens at 14mm in Portrait mode. F2.8, 6400 ISO and 20 second exposure. The Nikon D810’s do this sort of work so well.

Pretty happy with the outcome and worth the near freezing conditions and the effort required to get it.

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Camp fire Photoshop!

We just worked this image up sitting around the camp fire!

A 2 layer drone stitch with 18 images.

Probably one of the hardest mega stitches I have ever done and I picked the camp fire night to do it!]

Never say die as they say, but pretty happy with the result.

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A winters day in Perth

I was on the way home last night after a stormy day in Perth. We broke a 30 year old record for June and posted over 60mm of rain for the day.

These were the final clouds of the day acting menacingly and defiantly, but also producing some nice rays before the sun set.

5 image stitch, 200mm lens, F8, hand held.

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Macro Abstract

I was waiting for Lee in the car the other day and saw some really cool droplets left on a leaf after a recent down poor.

Fortunately I had my Macro with me, as I don’t normally carry it and this was the result.

Lee has ordered one for her office!

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Bow progress on Super Yacht project

After a somewhat scary non GPS flight with my Drone in our sheds just now I managed to get this shot, in amongst the drone reacting to the bit of wind coming in the open shed doors.
Suffice to say the flight was a short one!😎
I thought I would get this perspective before the final bow plates go on later in the week.
As you can see the project is well advanced now.
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Margaret River Mouth

We took a drive down to Margaret River yesterday and put the drone up.

I had no idea the clouds were so cool before getting the view from the drone!

Happy days!

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Foggy Sunrise

A nice little scene presented itself this morning whilst driving around in the fog.

All that were out at that time were some friendly roos feeding, until one of my regular True North clients rode by on his push bike.

Small world and a nice way to start the day!

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More drone shots from Blackwall Reach

Here are some more drone shots from the sunset on Sunday evening.

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Blackwell Reach Sunset Panorama

A bit of an alright sunset last night over Blackwell Reach.

This is a 10 image stitch from the Phantom 4 Pro

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