Fremantle Power Station Sunset

Last shot of the night last night, which was a double row 16 image stitch.

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CY O’Connor Aerials

I got the drone up this evening over CY O’Connor beach and here’s a couple of shots from that flight.

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New Bulls Zebra Electric Mountain Bike

I recently took delivery of my new electric mountain bike, which is straight from Germany and called a Bulls Zebra.
Its so easy now got just jump on the bike to go to Freo or anywhere really as I did this evening.
I dropped in to see a mate for a while then headed off to chase a composition for the sunset and ended up here.
The agent tells me its the first one in Australia and so far so good!
It boasts front and rear suspension, 110km range, disc breaks and three ranges of electric support.
I think I will be getting to some cool out of the way places on this little machine as time permits!
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Bunkers Point Drone St

Here’s a bit of a drone stitch I did whilst out with Christian a few weeks ago when we were down south.

Certainly a nice time of day as the sun hits the red rocks at the point there.

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Sculptures by the Sea 2018

Lee and I headed down to Sculptures by the Sea this evening.
A stunning night out.
I think my fav is the big arc of mirrors which concentrated the last light of the sunset to a central point, so I placed Lee right there and boom!
Then there was the plane art and I managed to capture a small ultra light aircraft flying right overhead as I took the shot…total fluke!
I hope you like the images!
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Anchor Pocket going in

The anchor pocket getting lifted for its first fit up.

It takes some co-ordination and thinking to move this heavy kit around.

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Eagle Ray morning


Some vision from my early morning swim last weekend and also a dive we did later that day….always nice to be in the water as nature never fails to present new wonders!

In this instance the Eagle Ray swam out in from and then came back fro another pass when he lost me…very cool!

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True North Fremantle Sunrise

A cracker sunrise over Fremantle this morning with the mighty True North in the foreground!

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Anchor pockets for Super Yacht

Here are some more images of the bow module for the Super Yacht we are building and now also the anchor pockets.

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SS Bow module being set up to be fitted soon!

The lads are now preparing to fit the SS bow module in place over the next few weeks.
It makes quite a statement hanging on the crane for sure!
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