And one from the ground!

Ship Entrance

I am getting good at juggling the Nikon and the Drone controls…in fact I now have a double Rapid strap so that I can carry a wide angle lens on one back and a zoom on the other and still fly the drone!

So, I shot this one before launching the drone yesterday!

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Fremantle Harbour High

Harbour Entry Ship and Tug Ship and Harbour

On the way to work this morning I noticed a large car carrier coming into port so I set out to the South mole and set the Phantom 4 up for a quick fly.

No doubt about the aerial views you can achieve with these drones.


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Boranup Forrest after the rain

Boranup Valley St Backlit Tree After the Rain

We had a fair bit of rain Down South yesterday and rather than do the normal couch lizard gig I decided to head out to Boranup again following the rain so that I was there just after it subsided.

The result was lots of water droplets to capture the light in the backlit shots and a lot of colour in the trees as the water brought out the colour nicely.

I spent a very relaxing 2 hours walking the ridge line in the forrest and simply taking in the beauty and taking photos.

A very nice way to spend a rainy day!

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Quindalup Sunrise

Quidalup Jetty SR St

Good morning everyone!

I decided to head out to Quindalup jetty this morning and managed to capture some colour before the clouds and the rain set in.

A 5 image stitch and pretty happy with the result.

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Classic Boranup

Boranup Classic St

I shot this a couple of weeks ago with my mate Murf.

Classic Boranup.

This is a 20 image double layer stitch!

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East West Designs Artwork

Trackies The-trolley The-Step The-level The-entrance Sketching Boat-Shed

I recently had the privilege of meeting the artist behind the amazing art work appearing on the Eastern and Western wall of East West designs.

His name is Graeme Richards from Alfresco Designs…

He tells me that he is a graphic artist from Christchurch in NZ with no real formal Art training…but by the look of what he can create I think he doesn’t need any training in any case!

Stunning work and amazing talent…and well worth a look.

Graeme is putting the finishing touches on the Eastern wall and I think he has really captured the vision of a ‘beach theme’ with this side of the building.

If you would like to see it for yourself the location is on the Southern side of South Terrace in South Fremantle and the name of the business is East West designs.

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Attadale Pinks

Attadale Sunrise

Another beautiful sunrise this morning for those who managed to get out of bed in time!

This time over the Attadale park land looking over the city.

The golden light only lasted a few minutes before the cloud cover won the battle with the light, but I managed to capture this before it did!

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Bicton Blues

Bicton Blues St

We had a beautiful glassy sunrise down at Bicton Baths this morning and I was fortunate to be out to capture it!

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Fremantle Storm approaching

Bathers Beach Storm St Sailing Club Storm St

With the approaching storm over the coast today made the way for some very cool clouds and light.

We enjoyed a very nice lunch at Bathers beach with some friends and saw the tope image looming and then later on again at the Sailing club.

So, being Johnny on the spot with the camera…I had to o for the capture didn’t I!

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Fremantle Harbour Sunset

SS over Freo Harbour

After a very nice Sundowner and House warming at Helen and Nigel Gaunt’s new pad in North Coogee, I noticed a bit of colour looming on the horizon.

So, as a Newcastle boy once said….’never let a chance go by on no…never let a chance go by’! 🙂

I decided to launch the drone to get an aerial perspective and the above is the result!

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