Fremantle Thunderstorms

We have a really cool Thunderstorm going through Perth now as I post this image.
I heard it kicking off around 0500 this morning and lay in bed debating if to head out or not, but then decided I would sleep in any case, so may as well head out.
A very enjoyable morning out and I got to use my Pluto Lightning trigger for the first time and very happy with its performance.
This is a 5 image stitch after the lightning strike as the clouds were just to die for and a single capture would not have done it justice!
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Silika Sunset

Sunset Kimberley colours over Silika Beach in the Southern Kimberley.

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Kings Cascades…different view!

This is a somewhat different view of the Kings Cascades with a nice rainbow as the finishing touch to the image.

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Prince Regent Thunderstorm

This is a 6 image vertical stitch of True North heading out of the Prince Regent and into a thunderstorm.
It started getting a little rough in the tender after this so we had to abandon the plan to shoot the heli landing at Sunset.
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Montgomery Abstract

Another Abstract from Montgomery Reef…my favourite place to shoot!

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Hunter River Sunrise

The Hunter River never misses with offering up stunning sunrises and sunsets.

Last week’s trip on True North was no exception! 🙂

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Kimberley Blues

This was the access point to the little cave shot I posted yesterday.
Shot with my 14-24mm at 14mm.
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Kimberley Cliff Colours

found this little scene whilst climbing around an area in Swift Bay in the Kimberley.
There was some nice light bouncing around!
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Hunter Sunset

A stunning sunset in the Hunter River.
This place always has cracker skies one way or another! 🙂
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Room with a view!

A neat little scene at Surveyors Creek last week in the Kimberley.

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