Super Yacht refits

anya-on-slip-nikon anya-on-slip-fwd anya-on-slip-aft


Our boys successfully slipped a Super Yacht I was involved in the construction of a few years ago this morning.

The yacht is called Anya and is a 36m Cat built by Evolution Yachts.

She is coming up for her annual survey and to repair a big gouge caused by a sailing yacht dragging their anchor last year.

The straight down shot shows very well the scale of the 36m Anya against our new 46m Charley!

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Spring is finally here!

bunkers-gold wyadup-blues-st

Well, I hope everyone got out and about this weekend as we have finally seemed to have broken to rain every weekend curse that has been going on for the last couple of months.

I have some friends over from the East and we headed down south for the weekend.

Stunning weather!

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Shadow vessel successful launch

charley-launch-3-drone-web charley-launch-drone-2-web charley-launch-drone-1-web charley-launch-3-web charley-launch-2-web charley-launch-1

Our Shadow vessel was successfully launched today and is now sitting nicely where we expected she would be on the water line and over theca coming days will be being prepared for sea trials.

Thanks to all the dedicated Echo team who put their Sunday plans on hold to make the launch such a success

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Mikie Mike and the Ronin


Whilst walking around the shipyard yesterday, this little scene presented itself.

Mikie Mike Fletcher with his new Ronin stabiliser.

One overcool bit of kit!

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Charley group and night shots

charley-group-shot-st-web charley-night

Here are a couple of other shots of our shadow vessel outside standing tall and ready for launch.

The top one is of the Echo and Evolution team who made the build possible….well done team!

The bottom shot is a night shot which we light painted blending 25 images together using my Phantom 4 Drone with 2 1500 Lume cubes to do the light painting.

It worked a treat and we will definitely be doing more of this sort of stuff in the future!


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Charley rolls out the door!

charley-reflections charley-out-north-east charley-out-bow-qtr charley-out-beam-on charley-drone-out-south

Our GRP shadow vessel rolled out of the shed today and is now outside sitting proud getting ready for launch on Sunday.

Everything went as planned and a big congrads from me to all of the Echo and Evolution team who worked on the project.


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Our Shadow vessel is close to launching next week

prop-inboard charley-on-tracks-st charley-bow-st big-bow-charley-st

Our shadow vessel is now on the slip tracks and ready to slide out of the shed late next week.

Definitely looking to goods now and looking fwd to launch day.

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Some nice light within the storm!


I think anyone in WA could be excused for thinking we are still in the middle of winter!

Last weekends storms would rival any mid winter storm and it was devilishly cold to boot.

Lee and I headed down to Safety Bay last night for a meal with friends and I managed to duck out just before Sunset to capture the nice light that was sneaking in under the menacing sunset clouds.

What attracted me to this image was how the light was dancing on the old yacht and in order to fully tell the story, I decided to do a stitch.

I then spent the evening working up some images with my mate Russell, that he captured in Tonga with Darren Jew recently and I am pleased to report we now have a new and very keen photog in our midst…and a photog with a very good eye for a newby!

We are going to see Saul this week to kit him up with some new Nikon gear!

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Tonga Video


Here is a short video showing our Tonga experience last week.

Thanks very much to Darren Jew and his team for looking after us so well!

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Tonga aerials

vavau-port-high the-pod-high-one-blow the-pod-high-with-boat beach-high

Here are a few aerials shot with my Phantom 4 from Tonga.

Some perspectives unable to be achieved any other way!

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