One for the ‘Pool Room’!

Whilst out for a paddle on my SUP, I saw this little scene going off, so I quickly went back to get my trusty Nikon and pinged off this sweet little stitch.

Fayes Bay, Rottnest Island.

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Charley video

Darren Mc Cagh and Mike Fletcher have now finished a short snapshot of the video shoot we did earlier in the week.

Nice work lads and a very nice tribute to the passion and effort our Echo Team put into this project.

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Rottnest Photo Shoot of our Shadow vessel

Now that was more like summer!

What a cracker day we had at Rottnest today doing the final shoot on Charley.

Twas a big day with started at sunrise going hard all day and some 500 images later we now have the shots we need to show the world what the Echo team is capable off.

Thanks to all the team who assisted me today. It came together very well.

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New Years Fire Works at Rottnest

Happy New Year to all of my loyal Blog and Facebook followers and especially those who have commented recently about how they love following my adventures.

I have a number of adventures planned for 2017 so stay tuned and hopefully I can keep you a little entertained from time to time.

The above shots are from the Rottnest Fireworks this evening, which were certainly an improvement from last year….not that last year’s were all that shabby, but this years were a step up!

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Long Reach Swim throughs with Hans the Viking!

I had a very cool morning this morning. Went for a scuba dive for crays with mates Rod, Linz and Hans and after that successful mission, Hans and I kitted up and headed out to the Long Reach Swim throughs.

It was Han’s first time at the swim throughs and being a Viking with Gills he nailed it!

The last one, was the big cathedral cave outside the green marker which was a test for the both of us, even cutting it into 2 sections and taking the half way stop it found us both very happy to finally get that air back into the lungs.

The initial swim with the sting ray was a nice way to warm up as well.

Now off to the Rotto fireworks in a while!

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Xmas cheers from the Team at Echo Yachts

We had our last day for 2016 at Echo Yachts today, finishing off with a bit of a salsa dance and a visit from Santa.

All the best to everyone over the Xmas break from the Echo team.

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Shadow Vessel Complete and ready for hand over

Our Fibreglass Shadow vessel is now totally complete and ready for the client to pick it up in the early new year with a cruise up our wonderful West Coast.

Neal Pritchard and I spent a couple of hours shooting the interiors last night and we will be doing that again with a larger team on the 4th, which is when I will be doing aerials of the vessel underway.

The Owner is over the moon with his new vessel, as are the crew, so a big hats off to the Echo team who produced such a fine vessel for us.

This is a true testament of the ‘Can Do’ attitude our industry has grown up with over the years and also a testament to our ability to tackle one off projects.

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Echo Yachts module lift last week

The boys rolled and lifted a large 16 tonne module into place last week, which means the vessel is now really taking shape with only a few more bow modules to go to complete the aluminium major components.

We still have most of next year to go with this yacht project, so it is quite a marathon, but a very enjoyable one!

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Bicton action!

bluey bicton-north-ss-st

I went down to Bicton last night and ended up watching a very active cattle dog doing his stuff.

He seemed to have appointed himself as the area watch dog and made sure he chased every seagull within swimming distance with vigour.

Once the sea gulls were sorted he engaged in a game of catch the stick with a little girl for a while, but then of course one of those pesky seagulls needed some chasing again.

A nice way to see the day out for sure.

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Life in the Reef


Going through a few images today of the images shot on True North in west Papua recently and found this little gem lurking.

A beautiful little community with its own central island surrounded by sand.

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