My day!

Whale-Tail Whale-Tail-2 Bicton-Yacht-Reds Bicton-Blues Bicton-West-High Bicton-North-Air Bicton-high-west Bicton-High-Reds Avalon Avalon-Point

Those of you who know me well, know that one of my favourite sayings is…‘it ain’t a rehearsal’ and today was a very good example of that philosophy.

Sunrise found me at Bicton Baths with Neal for a Nikon shoot and Drone fly.

That was followed up by a drive to Mandurah and a surf and drone fly at Avalon with my mate Russel.

On the way home I dropped in to see Brian Weaver who has just has a triple bypass at Fiona Stanley and I dropped him off some light reading of the Taita Egyptian series of Wilber Smith.

I then took the boat for a run and managed to time it perfectly when my mate Con took his boat out at the same time.

A whale then happened to roll by and flick his tail at me just to top off the day which we celebrated with a coffee at the sailing club on Con’s boat….

Whew! 🙂

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Bicton Evening Walk

Fire in the sky

Lee Lee and I went for a walk this evening down to Point Walter from home……about 5 km all up.

On the way home we saw this old tree back lit by the sky which was being lighten up by the Polo lights.

This was hand held, 6400 ISO, F2.8…1/50th of a second! ;


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Phantom 4 Drone Shots of Fremantle

DJI_0003 DJI_0005 DJI_0007 DJI_0008 DJI_0009 DJI_0013 DJI_0014 DJI_0015 DJI_0016 DJI_0017 DJI_0018

There was some nice light around Fremantle this morning so, I put the drone up a few times as I headed down the coast.

I very much liked the new perspective of our favourite port and will do some more of this now for sure!

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More Southwest Wild Weather Photos

Canal Rocks Light Meelup Bombs Meelup Tree Gods Surfer Trees Meelup Splash Meelup Views

Here are a few more shots showing mother nature reminding us what winter is all about!

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Wild weather down south!

Surfer Light Sugarloaf Waves Pondering Meelup Board on Head Wyadup Rainbow

Had a great day today…morning Shoot with Christian, surf at Meelup mid morning…and followed by an afternoon shoot with Ian at Wyadup.

50 knots winds and 6m swells.

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Sometimes you see something and you just have to stop!

Jetty Reflections I was driving along looking at the glass off around me when I noticed this little scene begging to be captured, so who was I to not conform!

I think this would look really good on alumilux and have recently printed a similar colour cast for a client on the same thing and it rocked!

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A protest on the milk saga in Australia

Raffles Boats copy

Those of you who know me, or have been following my posts for a while would know that I normally don’t make controversial statements on social media.

But the news item this evening showcasing the bullying tactics by Coles and Woolworths against the diary farmers is simply ludicrous and there is absolutely no winner here!

The farmers will go broke as they are being forced to sell below costs, Coles and Woolworths will lose money because there will be no milk to sell and we, as a community will end up having to buy sub standard milk fro who knows where with no hope of resurrecting the milk industry here once they are all gone!

I have made a short video to support this cause and I would hope that we can all make a bit of a stand here and simply shop elsewhere!


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Atacama High

Lookout St

This was the view before we defended down the gravel road you can see in the centre of the image and then crossing the salt flats and then finally somewhere around where the shadow is off in the distance we found a beautiful oasis and lunch from provided by a beautiful group of villagers.

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The Boat House Fremantle


DJI_0011 DJI_0008

A good friend of mine owns the new Boat House in Fremantle.

It was such a beautiful morning out this morning that I thought I would get the drone up and get some shots for him.

Anyone looking to house their boat in one of the most secure and clean storage facilities in Perth…this is the spot for sure!

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Shadow vessel Roof Lift


Here is a short video showcasing the Wheelhouse Roof Lift on the Shadow vessel we are building.

One of the final major components that needed to happen before the final clean up and detail work happens.

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