Lake Clifton’s Thrombolites

We headed back from Dunsborough very early this morning and as I approached Lake Clifton I saw the conditions were clearing up to make way for a cool shoot at Lake Clifton.

A quick diversion past the site of some of the worlds oldest living organisms, the Thrombolites paid dividends with perfect conditions.

These 3 shots are the results!

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Golden River

Here is another shot from the shoot out with Christian yesterday.

We were out again this morning for a few hours and managed to get some gold I think.

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Dunsborough Bay Storm

On the way out to Breaky this morning, I spotted this little gem developing. So following my own rule of ‘if you see it shoot it’!

Heading out shortly with Christian for some more gold I hope!

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A quick insight into the fairing process required with the Super Yacht build

This shows the arduous process of fairing the external surfaces of a super yacht.

Every square meter of the yacht will receive this treatment!

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The colours of Spring

I think we are all a bit over the ongoing barrage of winter that has been set upon us over the last few weeks, so I thought I would go back over the archives and find a typically spring image to brighten things up a bit!

This was shot just under a year ago whilst heading up to Paynes Find with Photog mate Murph for the weekend.

A few of us are setting out again in a couple of weeks and we hope to capture the turning season from Winter to Spring.

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Sugarloaf Rock High

Here’s a bit of a different look at the popular rock…Sugar Loaf.


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Quininup High

Here is a higher version of the Quininup Falls.

6 image stitch at 50mm.

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Quininup Falls, low and dark!

Here is another perspective of Quininup Falls with Christian Fletcher and Dave Bettini.

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Quininup Falls

Yesterday evening Christian, Dave and myself headed out to Quininup falls for a sunset shoot, which worked out pretty well actually…apart from the trek back up a big sand dune on the way home!

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Moody Moses Rock

This morning myself and a photog mate, Dave Betini and I set out to Moses Rocks to see what was on offer.

A little bit challenging to say the least as the front you can see in these shots ended up dumping on us so we skiddadled back fro breaky instead!

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