Kimberley Colours

This is a drone shot of what I would class is typical of the colours of the Kimberley, blues, reds and greens, with a few yellows and greys thrown in for good measure.

How good is mother nature at putting the right colours together as they work so well!

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Broome Abstracts

Here are a couple of Cable Beach abstracts showing the beautiful colours of Cable Beach.

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Jetty Lights of Broome

Lee Lee and I went to the Jetty restaurant for dinner this evening and had some of their famous Barra wings.

As it turned out a cruise ship had just docked on the jetty so after dinner pinged a few of these little gems.

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Cable Beach Action

We are up in Broome for a week this week and spent the morning checking out the polo and taking some pics.

Finished of with  fun little surf on a SUP.

Very relaxing.

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Approaching Storm in Mandurah

Whilst down at our Son’s place for Mother’s day, I managed to sneak out for a well timed fly of the drone to capture this image of the approaching storm.

I just got it in before it started bucketing down!

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Tree Fern Glow

Just before this scene the Light was out of this world, but not unhappy with this capture all the same.

It took a bit of time to turn around, park, walk and dodge cars etc.

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Scaffold City

Things are progressing well with our Yacht build and the scene this morning was of the bow fully wrapped in scaffolding, which I thought worthy of a photo.

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Lone Tree Halo

On our trip around Warburton, we were fortunate enough to have three things line up for us.

We had a cool halo…beauty, now lets find something to put in front of it!

Then we met the farmer who owned the property. George was a cool guy and drove us all over the place until we came across this lone tree on to of the hill!

Third bit of luck in place an d out came the cameras and tripods where we spend quite a while exploring compositions.

Very cool!

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More colour from the Dandenongs

Another example of the beauty that can be captured in the Dandenong parks.

It was raining quite heavily when we shot this scene which made the colours glow, especially the yellows and reds.

And 18 image double layer stitch.


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Into the Mist

During our visit to Victoria, AB and I covered a fair bit of ground, the coldest of which was the dead forest out off Marysville and the heart of where the fires devastated the area.

It was around zero degrees at the summit up from Marysville and a light covering of snow, creating somewhat of an eery mood depicting the devastation that is now 8 years past.

AB advised that the trees that were burned are of a type that would not regenerate as most of ours do in the West, so even though there will be new growth, which can be seen in the foreground, there won’t be any offshoots from the old trees.


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