Domett Rock Art

Domett Rock-Art

Whilst walking around the point at Cape Domett and after having a couple of slips on my butt on the slippery rocks Christian and I stumbled into this cool cave…once again moulded by nature and the wind.

I can just imagine what sort of forces this area must be subject to during the wet and cyclone season.

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11 Responses to Domett Rock Art

  1. Love the rock textures Mark, would love to know more about the 3 sets of rings in geological terms … (another hobby of mine)

  2. philback says:

    awesome love the colour and all the textures very cool

    i can see this pic on so many walls mate well done loven all your pics


  3. Andrew Brown says:

    Hi Mark, think that abstract was the theme of your last trip. Your other shots are beautiful but these abstracts are stunning. Bring on that exhibition I say.

    • truenorthmark says:

      Thanks Andrew,

      I think the maim reason why these stood out so much is because of the harsh sunligh in many of the landscapes.

      So often we were in great locations bur the light was like a heat rray!!

      I will do up a few more over the next few days

      Thanks for the comments.



  4. mervfrench says:

    Wish that was mine.

    To me , that is the best image you've posted on your blog so far , it would look pretty cool printed up.