Twilight at Paynes Find

Twilight at Paynes Find

This shot was a few minutes after sunset and what appealed to me was the range of colours jumping out of this scene. The simplicity of the dried lake bed also was appealing with subtle contrasts in colours and textures enough to make it interesting.

The last post before the big comp with Merv!!

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  1. Ahhhh serenity, that is gorgeous Mark !! That beautiful tree on the left though cries out for a more prominent position in the composition, but what a scene!

    • truenorthmark says:

      Thanks Bo!

      Yes that tree does look like it wants to have more prominance eh!



  2. philback says:

    very simple and beautifull tones and i love the simplisity awesome mate wish i was there taking photos there

    • truenorthmark says:

      Thanks Phil,

      We will get away someday soon for sure….so many places to go and so little time!!



  3. mervfrench says:

    Well I've scrapped my wildflower shot and started again …..touch and go if I'm gunna make it !!!

  4. truenorthmark says:

    Times getting short about cutting it fine!!

    Oh the pressure…the build up and the excitement!!



  5. prick!!! would have got a C but that tree does need to move over a couple of degrees! well done Markie.

    • truenorthmark says:

      Thanks Mate!

      I was hesitant about going any further left because of blowing things out by shooting too close to the sun..but maybe shoulda given it a go!

      The wildflower shot is up now mate!



  6. mervfrench says:

    Nearly there ……..

  7. Peter Hodgson says:

    Another ripper Mark,…… good luck with the challenge.

  8. I want to go on another adventure again.

    • truenorthmark says:

      There is always another adventure just around the corner Jamie!

      Mine starts on Wednesday when I join True North again out to the Rowley Shoals.

      Stay tuned for more live posts during the 5 days after Wednesday!



  9. I will stay tuned. I'm still getting prices for that jet. πŸ™‚

    • truenorthmark says:

      Sounds good Jamie…keep me in the loop!

      I reckon get a price on a Cessna Conquest as well as it will be much more reasonable than a jet.



  10. Yeah but we want to do it in style! Though the first quote I got through was not even in the ball park. Maybe a Super Kingair instead.


  11. Nice find Mark and nice capture. I se what you are saying about moving to the left for highlight blow out. Sometimes natures tell you what she wants photographed, one of the things I love about shooting landscapes, its not all your choice …

    Planes, jets and helicopters all sounds intense … Next adventure I have an idea for a cool one will let you know if your interested … No planes jets or helicopters sorry …

  12. No planes, jets, or helicopters? Is there a boat in there somewhere then?

    Always interested in what you've got lined up Mr Spool.

  13. Yeah I think the problem was that the location we were talking about required more than a Citation, it required a full on executive jet. I'm going to ask her where we can go with a Citation.

  14. You interested Neal? The trip is not until next year. I've got 3 spots left on the plane. We were looking at Ayers Rock depending on price.

  15. Will blind fold you then Mark and throw in the back of the vehicle on the way there πŸ™‚

    • truenorthmark says:

      Very exciting then it would be!! I used to take my wife somewhere new and different without her knowing where we were going for our anniversary.

      Nothing like a bit of anticipation I reckon!

      • anticipation may not be too long then as I want to get this place photographed before it gets too hot, so before xmas … But first my mind is on my next photographic journey, so many photographers out there right now capturing the fall colours but I have to wait a tiny bit longer … But you'll be sure to be contacted …

        • truenorthmark says:

          Cool…I am available after the 14th this month and then before the 13th of November and after the 22nd of November as I will be in PNG.

  16. mervfrench says:

    If you guys are thinking Ayres Rock why don't you drive straight thru the middle , plenty to see on the way. I've done it a couple of times.

  17. It wasn't so much about going to Ayers Rock but more the 'mode of transport'. At Exmouth when we saw the jet we said it would be cool to do a trip in one and people asked me to get a price which I'm currently doing.

    I've driven to Ayers Rock before as well and it was heaps of fun.

    Merv you slacker you asked me to throw up some more photos and you've not commented on them! πŸ˜‰


    • mervfrench says:

      And nor you on mine Jamie. πŸ™‚

      I was expecting you to check out the Comp shots and comment

      I’ll check yours again.

      You been in one jet you been in em all I say.

      Slow mode of travel and take it all in,but a Corperate jet would be rather cool to try one day I suppose.

  18. Someone say road trip ? I love road trips … I'll bring the wine πŸ˜‰

  19. mervfrench says:

    Depends on which way you go Great Central Rd or The Gunbarrel Hwy but there's plenty to see.

    Coming into the Olga's from the west side is rather good.

    Anyway that's next year maybe, who knows what can happen between now and then.

  20. kirkhille says:

    Nice shot Mark ,
    Like the colors and the trees a nice touch would have been nice as christian said a bit more over but then running into blown highlight problems .
    Also love the header image is that yours or CFs

    Also with private jet hire they are not cheap , its been a while since I quoted but going off roughly the prices from 2 years ago (Which will probally be more now) for a twin turbo prop censsna Conquest or simular which can seat around 9 will be looking in the vasinity of $11,000 plus for a 1 day charter to Ayres Rock and Back , If looking at staying there a few days to photograph you will either be charged some where like an extra $3000 a day plus pilot expenses or they will bring the aircraft back to Perth and fly it back up there to pick you up on the return which will double price to something like $22,000 as your paying for 2 sectors where your not even flying on the aircraft . And accommodation is not cheap in Ayres rock and the aircraft parking fees at the airstrip are not cheap either which the company will oncharge to the customer when quoting . Plus your not going to get very good photos out of the tiny windows in the Cessna or King Air etc , and due to them been pressurissed the door cant be removed either . Hope this helps .

    As Merv said I would personally think driving would be better a option as would see a lot more or if you want to fly Qantas is going to be a much cheaper option plus the flight will be quicker and get a lot more room in there aircraft compared to a cramped conquest . just my opion .

  21. Stakky says:

    shit that is a nice shot