BandW version of Port of Spain Ships

Port of Spain B&W

Here you go Christian…one BandW version!!

It came out OK actually and it will be a toss of the coin as to which is better I reckon!



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8 Responses to BandW version of Port of Spain Ships

  1. islandimages says:

    hi Mark,
    I think I like the colur version better, more evocative if you know what I mean!


  2. I much prefer this one. More moody and dramatic.

  3. wayte27 says:

    Hey Mark, yep B&W looks awesome. I was looking at the colour version for quite a while but think that the B&W conversion is better
    Would love to see other vessels from that port.
    Imagine the stories of these beauties.
    By the way how long where you at Austal?
    My brother was there for a number of years and now is the captain of the Indian princess.

    • truenorthmark says:

      Hi Adrian,

      Glad you liked the B&W coz i have another one for you in a mo!

      I was the founder of Image Boat Builders back in 1985 with Bill Plug and then sold it to Austal in 1998 (now called Austal Image) and then stayed on until 2006.



  4. mattinman says:

    I think I like the colour better, sorry, I like the B+W heaps but the colour one has got that 'old' colour look, reminds me of the 70s' Polaroid look. I'd also like to see some more images of the vessels of Trinidad, looks interesting.

    • truenorthmark says:

      Thanks for both the comments Matt!

      Not sure if I will get out to see any more ships during this trip, but am going out to get some waterscapes on Saturday so should get some cool tropical beach stuff…stay tuned!

      • mattinman says:

        I will mate, and look forward too it. If you want some comeback I'm slowly getting a blog of my own together but the guts of it are up, The link should work, cross fingers. I hope you got my email regarding Pizza night, should be a cracker of an evening.