Catch us if you can…colour version!

Here you go Bo and Christian….here’s the colour version!

Hope you like it!

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19 Responses to Catch us if you can…colour version!

  1. Hi Mark,

    I think the black and white version is certainly a lot more striking and dramatic.


    • truenorthmark says:

      Thanks Jamie…that is why I posted the BandW version.

      The colour version still works tho I reckon!



  2. Hi Mark,

    Yes the colour version does still work its visually pleasing but your black and white? Now that was a stunner lol.


  3. Hi Mark,

    If you are keen for a shot some evening this week I'm thinking about hitting Point Peron.


  4. Sounds good to me at the moment. Hopefully there will be some clouds. Is Point Perron prone to breakins?


  5. Well I'm still keen to go. I'll touch base tomorrow. 🙂

  6. mervfrench says:

    Colour for me Mark, love it.

    • truenorthmark says:

      Cool Merv!

      …and the horizon was straight eh!

      Check out the Rotto shot I just posted!



  7. Good shot Mark. I too prefer the colour version. Really catches the eye.

  8. thomasparkes says:

    Schmick, Love it.
    I for some reason have the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole version of "Somewhere over the rainbow" with the ukulele in my head.


  9. ecomuseimages says:

    Colour for me mate.

  10. There's a rainbow as well, did not see that in the other. Colour version for me, this is stunning! BW was ok, but I find it lacked a bit contrast and when the colours are this good – gotta go with the colours 🙂

  11. muzz says:

    Another hand up for the colour from me. The B&W has a nostalgic feel somehow but on the other hand there is a vibrancy in the colour version that I don't get from the B&W. Maybe I am tone-blind as well as tone-deaf.

  12. Annette says:

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I'll go and read some more!