The Basin at Rottnest Island

The Basin is up there with some of the best beaches in the world in my opinion…and this photo shows why!

It is pristine, the colours are awesome and the water clarity is always exceptional.

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15 Responses to The Basin at Rottnest Island

  1. Right that's enough teasing. I'm catching the ferry over this weekend for the day.

  2. Tease!!! This photo reminds me of the clarity we were seeing at the Monte Bello Islands.

  3. Christian says:

    bastard, just watch the wispy clouds they are a bit too blue. I think that happens when you blow lots of saturation and black into the cyans in ACR. Otherwise did I mention you are a bastard?

  4. thomasparkes says:

    Very inviting shot, that water is perfect.

  5. Turn away for a day and shit there's 20 new Stothard posts … Not sure where to begin, this one caught my eye for the lead in, wispy clouds and framing. Very nice. Love the clouds, they are harder to capture with the camera than the human eye when they are so light and thin, you have done a nice job on them. Waters a great colour …

  6. Gee now that is looking stunning, love the painterly clouds mother nature painted onto the sky here and you captured them well

    • truenorthmark says:

      Thanks Bo,

      Have a close look at the Sea Lion shot at the top…the colours are awesome!



  7. muzz says:

    Nice capture – stunning image. Who wouldn't want to go there after seeing this image. Half expect to CF clambering all over Rottnest to try to outdo you with his own versions.

    • truenorthmark says:

      Thanks for all the comments Muzz. CF had an invitation to be there that weekend with us and is now kicking himself for missing out!



  8. dave bettini says:

    Did any mention the great sky. Great pic.