Leading Lines at Bunkers Bay

It is quite amazing that this shot is not either an aerial shot or has lots of black dots all over it, as when I took it I felt sure I was being carried away by the flies down at Bunkers Bay! :}

No doubt one of the most beautiful bays in the South West if not in WA total.

The flies can be a menace at this time of year though!

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5 Responses to Leading Lines at Bunkers Bay

  1. Rob of Tiderock says:

    Really like the shot, esp the clarity and unique perspective. Bunker Bay is my favourite bay in WA, and I agree with yr comments. Esp the flies, but only for a few weeks each year tho – hopefully!

  2. mattinman says:

    Nice shot mate I like the lines and it looks really sharp too. Yes the flies are a problem, I swallowed a few on Saturday out near Brookton.

  3. Christian says:

    lots of depth but I like nice clean pristine simple shots as you know. I don't like to show reality like you do. I want everything to be neat and perfect, probably explains my cleaning fetish. I don't like flys either.