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Wyadup Currents

I found this image in my Wyadup RAW files and it has come out pretty well I reckon….hope you like it!

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After the Storm

These skies were what was left of the Thunderstorm last weekend that went through Rottnest.

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Cathedral Rocks Rottnest Island

This shot is looking out towards Cathedral Rocks where there is some great diving and surfing. We are out at the very Western End of Rottnest here.

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Sunset Fun at Rottnest

We were having some drinks on a mates Riv last weekend and the kids were having a ball jumping off the roof of the Riv. I think that this shot typifies what a great place Rotto is to bring up … Continue reading

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Here's is my image from the True North day!!!

This is the best image that i was able to muster for the True North photog day. Last image of the day at dark O’clock! These 2 boats are local Rotto Runners as I am called the ‘Nor Don’ and … Continue reading

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This Yacht was built by Evolution Yachts, the company I was CEO of for a couple of years for a very nice family who live just down from True North Ashore at Eagle Bay. I happened to come across them … Continue reading

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Marjorie Bay Bait Ball

On the way back from Eagle Bay we spotted this huge bait ball getting hammered from above and below. We suspect Tuna and or Mackies below and everything from Mutton Birds to Seagulls above the water. The water was simply … Continue reading

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Eagle Bay Rottnest Island

I took a mate of mine to my favourite dive on the island over the weekend and then pinged off this pano. The interesting details in this shot are awesome…a little like those ‘where’s Wally’ cartoons that were going around … Continue reading

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Punk Urang Cuddles with Mum!!!

I went to the zoo again last with my Grandson and managed to capture this image of the Mother Urang giving her youngster with the punk haircut a very nice cuddle. This is the image that I used for the … Continue reading

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Jordie Bay colours

I took these shots just after the Thunderstorm last Saturday at Rottnest. I did not even know these little bays existed!! They can be found by simply following the path around the rim of the cliffs at the Western side … Continue reading

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