Punk Urang Cuddles with Mum!!!

I went to the zoo again last with my Grandson and managed to capture this image of the Mother Urang giving her youngster with the punk haircut a very nice cuddle.

This is the image that I used for the card we gave Christian yesterday for all of his support to the blogging community.

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15 Responses to Punk Urang Cuddles with Mum!!!

  1. Beautiful image Mark.

  2. Absolute stunner! Also, thanks for a great day on True North. I think you must have used up all the clouds in the previous weekends… there were none around yesterday afternoon!

  3. hodgy1 says:

    Another great pic of these guys Mark, They sure get you in with their antics.
    Good to hear the Oz day trip was a success, sounds like everyone had a enlightening day on board.

  4. muzz says:

    Hats off to you with your zoo shots – I went there on the weekend and I swear it must've been a different zoo. You seem to have a special connection with these guys!!! πŸ™‚

    Great job on the Australia Day workshop from start to finish – I'm sure there is a lot going on that needs your attention behind the scenes but no-one would know as it went so smoothly. Thanks for organising Christian's gift and card and taking a bit of a hit for the team πŸ˜‰

    Hey and isn't it spooky how normal bloggers can look when you put them in with a whole lot of other photo geeks?!!! I would've known who they were if they had their avatars for a badge but their names just confused me!!!

    Thanks again for a great memorable day – the mind boggles at what you'll come up with next.

    • truenorthmark says:

      Thanks Muzz

      Leave it to Beaver…I am working on a theme that is coming together.

      I think you are right that we should have had the 'Avatars' rather than the real names..I too was confused until they told who the 'really were'!!



  5. Maybe it's best to keep people guessing!!

  6. truenorthmark says:

    Nah Jamie, I think next year the Avatar's should be on the tags!

  7. mervfrench says:

    This shots a ripper mate.

    You're a regular Dr Dolittle , we went a few weeks ago and all we saw was a lions tail and a couple of turtles mating.

    • truenorthmark says:

      I like that Merv..a funny movie as well!

      Didn't you hear what the birds had to say on the day Dave!

      I will check out you pics on your blog Merv.

  8. Danny Scott says:

    Awesome shot Mark, great detail, and interesting pose they got going on. Are you alowed to snap away at the zoo or do you need permision. Thanks again for the True North trip, very impressed with the boat and the crew aboard.

    • truenorthmark says:

      Hi Dan

      You are allowed to snap away but need their permission to sell photos you get there.

      Thanks for the comment mate and also for the Eagle bay comment.