Back from Karijini

We are now back from a great few days at Karijini and after a killer 14 hour drive are now kicking back after a nice long bath!

The trip was awesome and we all learned heaps as well as meeting some cool passionate photographers who were also up at Christian’s workshops.

These first 2 images are of a model shoot that Brent Pearson and I did in Hancock George. Brent has recently been putting models into landscapes and I really like the concept and will be exploring the concept further.

The model is Tahlea who was working at the Eco Retreat at Karijini and she graciously agreed to be a mermaid for us.

She was a natural for sure.

More to come soon!!!

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22 Responses to Back from Karijini

  1. Wow, the colour of the water and the rocks is awesome… apparently. I didn't notice them at the first glance ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mark, like we didn't see this post coming! Nicely done, very respectable. How's the foot?

  3. matt saul says:

    very nice…
    looking forward to seeing everyones shots…blog land has been quiet!

    • truenorthmark says:

      Thanks Matt, no wonder the bloging community was quiet..most were in KJ!

      Thanks for the comment Jamie.

      Hi Jamie, no the shot was taken with natural light and hand held and I certainly want to into this sort of stuff some more. I will talk to you about your models.

      Thomas…suffice to say it was a X$!%@#@ long way…is that better…more to come!

      Hey there little little Mermaid! Thanks for visiting and glad you liked the shots. It was a fun morning.

      Clint….and den…we were home!

  4. Will Ophuis says:

    Nice shots! really like the curves of the rocks.

  5. The scenery seems to be getting better around Karijini……..well done Mark!!

  6. Hi Mark,

    Was that shot just using hand held flash? If so the light is really good. I used to do heaps of this stuff and Melissa has got me all fired up to do it again. I know heaps of models if you want to have a crack at this down here.


  7. thomasparkes says:

    You say 14hrs drive each way, Neal says 15hrs and Brent says 16hrs.
    Cannot complain about the scenery.

    Cannot wait for more.

  8. Clint Baker says:

    Annndddddd dddddeeeeeeeennnn……… really nice marky!!

  9. Tahlea says:

    Hey Mark! glad to hear you got back safely!!
    Its to quiet here without you guys!! Thanks for the photos they look amazing!

  10. mervfrench says:

    Nice Mark , very nice.

  11. Fletch says:

    it was a 17 hour drive for me! I liked the icecreams better than the model shoot markie, oh hang on I didn't get invited to the model shoot.
    Speaking to the boys it seems we will have a model for our next Karijini workshop.
    I am wasted still and just about to go to bed, 7.09 pm !!!

    • truenorthmark says:

      Hey little buddy,

      Of course you would have been welcome on the model shoot, but thought that it would have been impossible for you to pull yourself away from the Tutorials and we didn't think that having 20 of us there would have worked either as she was very new to this sort of thing.

      Don't worry, I am putting the wheels in motion for the other model shoot we have been discussing and I reckon your gunna like what I have coming together!

      Beat you to bed….I was in bed by 1700 and now just going out to get the recovered shots from Keith!

      Still wasted but getting better!

      • Tony says:

        Glad to hear you are on the mend mate and thanks again for your assistance on the trip. You certainly have got an eye and have already got a nice set of photoshop skills, no wonder you have been putting some great images out there. Cheers and speak soon

        • truenorthmark says:

          Hey thanks Tony,

          Coming from you that is a real compliment!

          My skill set is thanks to the man himself…..CF!!!

  12. wow, about the only way that place could get anymore amazing I reckon!
    well done to all involved