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Incoming Cloud Coming into The Organ Pipes

As we watched the sunrising at the Organ Pipes in Hobart, we also saw a very cool spectacle where a low cloud base was building and rolling in and around Mt Wellington. It was quite a sight and this shot … Continue reading

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Organ Pipes Sunrise

This was taken at the Tasmania Organ Pipes right on Sunrise. Cloud base was just at our height which made for an interesting effect with the sun bursting under the cloud. Hans was a good scout and climbed out to … Continue reading

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Red Bull Air Race Raft Up

I went down to Cocos restaurant yesterday to catch up with a mate from the East and this shot took my eye. The range of boats in this raft up is quite extraordinary. A Precision 17m, An Italian Classic, Anotehr … Continue reading

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Venus Flytrap

The Butterfly display also had these very cool Venus Fly traps on show. They have an aroma that attracts insects and then the plant shuts the lid and then devours the insect….very sci fi sort of plant I reckon!

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Butterfly Red

I visited a pretty cool Butterfly display the other day and these shots stood out.

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Point Walter Sunset

Don’t know if anyone else saw the sunset tonight but it was pretty awesome. This is what I managed to get hand held so it is not as sharp as I would like.

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Korean Bridge in Busan

A short cruise on a steel Ro Ro took us under this new bridge that is nearly complete. Kinda made for a reasonable shot I felt?

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Korean Tiger in a Restaurant

We are staying in a pretty cool hotel in Busan Korea at present and in the Coffee lounge they have a full size tiger behind the glass. Poor little fella probably gets pretty lonely, but it is probably better than … Continue reading

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My daughter, Niki was on her way out to meet her boyfriend this evening who was coming back from the mines. I couldn’t resist taking a shot of her as she looked amazing. It is a little soft as it … Continue reading

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Mt Wellington Hut

This little hut is up on the top of Mt Wellington and at the time I took this shot, the clouds were sitting right on top of the mountain.

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