Weano Topsides

This is a 6 shots stitch from the Top of Weno Gorge Karijini. Neal from Spool was perched here as I was walking down so I thought I would join him.

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10 Responses to Weano Topsides

  1. mattinman says:

    This is top notch, I love it! Great atmosphere.

    • True North Mark says:

      Thanks Matt..it would appear that we are the only 2 that like it!

      It is a 6 shot stitch with my 50mm prime.

      3 across the top and 3 down the bottom.



      • mattinman says:

        Weekends are slower on the blogs. I've just upgraded from my 40D to a 5D noticing the difference, especially in the ISO stakes. The mood of this image is just great, this one belongs in a gallery.

  2. I like it as well Markie … Very similar to mine just a slight different angle … I'll post the image of you actually taking this image later today …

    • True North Mark says:

      Thanks Neal,

      Looking fwd to your post as you have some Stella subject matter to work with there mate!



  3. Andrew Brown says:

    Really liked this one, had some good luck with that cloud cover. Well done mate

  4. davidsobik says:

    Nice Mark, I also did a fair bit of square format pano's while I was there. Quite often lends itself to one!

    Cheers mate