The Path to Beauty

Here is another beautiful scene from the Old Growth Forrest at Gordon Forrest in Hobart.

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15 Responses to The Path to Beauty

  1. This I like. I can't wait to hit Tassie again in September. Great shot Mark.

    • True North Mark says:

      Why thanks Jamie!

      A very pretty Forrest for sure! Say hey to Ti for me if you get there and tell him you saw it on the blog…he will be impressed!

  2. I'm concentrating on the North West corner this trip so won't be heading down to this forrest. I am going to hop in a plane and fly over the south west wilderness. Fingers crossed I'll get some decent photos from that.


    • True North Mark says:

      OK cool…looking fwd to some pure genius from your trip mate…when do you go?

  3. Arrive in Devonport in the 1st week of September for about six days, then heading up to Sydney for a few days and will probably meet up with our favourite PNG playboy Rod Thomas. I was even thinking of hitting Lord Howe Island whilst I was over there.


  4. "The Path to Beauty" sound very inviting inviting Mark!
    No seriously a very nice shot mate. Especially when you consider how tricky forest can be to photograph.

    • True North Mark says:

      I spent a bit of time on this one for sure Dave…and no not easy!



  5. Mark Griffin says:

    Hi, great shot! Got to love that 17mm TS lens, I'm looking forward to shooting some landscapes with mine instead of building!

    • True North Mark says:

      Yep its a cracker eh Mark!

      Might have to get out with you one day so that you can show me the finer bits about the tilt that I still don't fully understand yet eh!

  6. Mark Griffin says:

    Hi, would be happy to. I'm really liking the 17mm after having the 24mm for a couple of years. This link if you haven't seen it has some good tech info on the 17mm and explains everything pretty well…… cheers Mark

  7. muzz says:

    I like the square crop on this shot, and the sharpness and detail in the trees. The colours are rich and inviting – who wouldn't want to go for a walk along that path on arriving at that scene.

    • True North Mark says:

      Yes Muzz it was a particularly pretty area and you can see why there are so many people trying to save it!

    • True North Mark says:

      Hey Muzz…have you been drinking red cordial or something!! 🙂 I haven't seen you comment for months and today you are all over everyone's blogs!

      Good to see you back mate…we were about to start sending out a missing persons sheet! 🙂