Central Coast East

As I have often said…when out on a photo shoot look behind…well this is what I saw yesterday when I looked behind me.

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10 Responses to Central Coast East

  1. Some amazing clouds here as well, beautiful sky. Is that the moon or what is that, one third from the left? Composition, not quite so good here.

    • True North Mark says:

      Yep that is the moon slightly covered by cloud Bo and I agree it's not as good as the previous.



  2. Andrew Brown says:

    Interesting shot Mark, moon looks a little strange but certainly draws you in for a closer look. Would like to see a touch more of the road but image is still nicely processed.

    • True North Mark says:

      There's a bit of a story behind this one andrew!

      This was the first stitch and the second one had more of the road but the sky had gone drab and one of the stitches had camera movement…doh!



  3. Christian says:

    I think that sky might appear over Lake Ballard one day!

  4. wayte27 says:

    Hey mark, nice exchange of colour tones, the blues and green off set by the red track. The cloud detail is rather cool, adding a 3d texture.
    Cheers Adrian

    Let me know if your heading out and about tomorrow afternoon/evening for a shoot.