Central Coast Sunset

I had to go to Geraldton on business yesterday and on the way back this sensational sunset was developing. Driving…driving…looking looking and trying to pick the best place to stop.

This scene presented itself and I am sure it should appeal to my good buddy Bomontaruny…seeing as it is wide open spaces!

Hope you like it!

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20 Responses to Central Coast Sunset

  1. haha talk about synchronized blogging!!!

  2. fieryeyes says:

    That's a very pretty picture!!! I love nature scenes. I take them all of the time.

  3. Bomont signing in, and indeed my good sir, that is one heck of a brilliant outback photo! I am too easy I am a sucker for this stuff. Gorgeous clouds, red dirt road, desolate (although I do see fence posts) outback, primary colours of red and blue, bloody brilliant Markie!

    It's brilliant and it's simple elements that invite even more play. You could have a bit more fun with this image if you liked. Darken the sky even more with more contrast (perhaps soft light blend in a copy of the sky that had a high pass filter applied to it) and darken the greens, paint light onto the red dirt road… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Well I guess its really hard to go wrong with red, green and blue. Great composition. There is something about those clouds though that don't sit right with me. That however is just me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I'm going to be measuring all of your photos against that amazing last photo from Lake Ballard.


  5. True North Mark says:

    Yo Bro!

  6. Very nice Mark. Great looking outback pano.

  7. peta North says:

    A nice pano of wide open country side and our long stretches of road, you gotta love driving in the northwest….

  8. davidbettini says:

    Awesome sky mate. Good to see someone else likes taking the back roads instead of belting down the well-trodden bitumen!

  9. Nice image Mark. Just out of curiosity, does this road go past Golconda Station? Looks familiar for some reason!

  10. muzz says:

    On life's journey, it's always important to take the time and stop to smell the roses. Or take a photo. It's a real disappointment to look back at all the times I traveled through fantastic mid-west scenery with nothing but a 1MP Kodak which I hardly ever even switched on. I like the sky treatment on this one.