Up up and Away!

Hey troops….I will be offline for a while as I am off to Trinidad from Thursday for at least 10 days.

I might get to work up a few images during the 43 hours of travel I have ahead of me (each way), but I know from my previous trip over there the place is not what I would class as paradise…in fact far from it!

Stay safe and happy snapping whilst I am gone!

I am off to the Rowley Shoals again shortly after I get back and will be posting live off the True North again, so something to look fwd to for my loyal blogging mates!

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17 Responses to Up up and Away!

  1. philback says:

    hey mate have fun take heaps of shots and hope to see them when ya get back

  2. Have a safe trip, we should catch up for a shoot when we both have a little bit of spare time …

  3. MatthewSaul says:

    have a good trip mate!

  4. wayte27 says:

    Hey Mark, just think when you get back Rowley will be calling.
    Safe travels Cheers Adrian

  5. Have a safe trip mate, that is one loooong killer flight you must endure there. Good thing there's a nice prize after the job is completed – Rowley Shoals must be incredible. Safe travels!

    • True North Mark says:

      Thanks Bomont…yep the shoals are up there with the best diving in the world! I have done about 5,000 dives and have dived most of the iconic places around the world and would rate the Shoals as the best and a close second would be PNG!

      Roll on PNG son!

  6. Safe travels Mark….you've gotta get a least one pic from Trinadad….I'd guess none of us will ever be heading out that way! I'll get in before Merv and set you a mission to shoot something SPECTACULAR!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Dave Bettini says:

    He he he. You're cracking me up dude! Hopefully your nice ferries will make the pigs look good then eh?

  8. Andrew Brown says:

    safe trip Mark, going to be quiet in blog land again but no doubt you'll make up for it on your return. Look forward it.

    • True North Mark says:

      Yep I think blog land will be very quiet!

      You might have to pick up the slack Andrew!



  9. Maybe you need to get some gritty life style/travel images ๐Ÿ™‚

    • True North Mark says:

      Yep maybe that is the play for sure Graham…no shortage of dreadies over there eh!



  10. Brett Morgan says:

    Travel safe Mark and yeah look forward to seeing some images when you get back mate :).