Bollard Colour

Here’s one for Davey Boy!

I would like to here the name of said little tacker mate! I thought this little bit of colour really added to the rustic bollard look!

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8 Responses to Bollard Colour

  1. Wow this is a gem of a shot mate. The bollards alone wouldn't have worked but that little guy brings the photo to life.

  2. thomasparkes says:

    Nice shots Markie, great rustic features, love the colour in the bird.

  3. Fletch Aka Hackman says:

    That's a yellow breasted TIT mate. Common to all Caribbean islands. Introduced by the Spanish conquistadors in 1616……….

    If you believe that mate you would believe anything ๐Ÿ™‚

    See ya on the 24th in sunny Broome for the customary cuddle.


  4. John says:

    Hi Mark – glad to hear that you've made it back safely after your epic voyage. The bird in the picture is a Kiskadee – they're very common. Trinidad's is something of a birders paradise as there're about 500species of birds here in a quite small space. You can check out a place called Asa Wright centre here that's very popular. John

    • True North Mark says:

      Cool John..thanks for the heads up!

      They are certainly pretty little tackers!

      Thanks again for looking after me so well over there!