Another Trinidad tropical storm!

Here is another cool storm show I witnessed whilst out on trials in Trinidad.

Pretty cool clouds eh!

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18 Responses to Another Trinidad tropical storm!

  1. Brett Morgan says:

    Nice image indeed Mark the drama in there is awesome you can see the ship getting bombarded with rain eh :).

  2. MatthewSaul says:

    Cool clouds in that part of the world Markie!
    Whats cookin with that horizon?
    We need to go get some spring colour mate

    • True North Mark says:

      Hi Matty

      I have been shifting house after living in Oakford for 20 years so it has been a mission!

      I am off to the Rowleys on True North this weekend so it will have to be after that..but I am keen to get out!



  3. Hi Mark,

    I wish we could get clouds like this here. Simply amazing. What is going on with the horizon though?


  4. True North Mark says:

    The horizon looks a bit weird because of the heavy down pour bending the horizon!

  5. MatthewSaul says:

    haha good one Mark! not easy stitching clouds and water ay! especially when its raining..haha

  6. Rod Thomas says:

    cool clouds none the less mate, im off to NZ in 2 sleeps, so stay tuned. Cant wait to see what Albert says about your horizon


  7. Andrew Brown says:

    Damn fine clouds there Mark, love the mood that they create

  8. Tony Middleton says:

    Great mix of serenity and darkness Mark – very nice indeed !

  9. peta says:

    Great shot Mark, clouds just draw you in….

  10. islandimages says:

    That nearly looks surreal! How does the colour version look?