True North Trip to the Rowleys coming up!

On Friday we fly up to Broome to join the True North for the first Rowley Shoals trip…can’t wait…after the lomg trip to Trinidad followed by teh arduous big move from Oakford to East Freo, Lee and I are both ready for a True North holiday!

We have some great friends and past passengers coming on board this trip and our dear friends Frank and Sheena’s daughter is going to have a mock wedding on the beach at Sunset one evening on the Shoals…which should be a hoot!

I will be posting most days depending on how busy we get which should start from Sunday till Wednesday.

I have been diving since I was 15 with many thousands of dive around the world and I would rate the Rowley Shoals up there with the best diving that can be done anywhere in the world!

Stay tuned troops!

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9 Responses to True North Trip to the Rowleys coming up!

  1. MatthewSaul says:

    Have a good trip mate, very jealous!

  2. Have a fantastic trip, sounds like it will be just what the doctor ordered – a True North trip for you both to relax and un-stress!

  3. Andrew Brown says:

    Don't have too much fun Mark!

  4. stevensaul says:

    Have fun Mark – need to invest in an underwater housing so we can see what we are missing out on!

  5. Say g'day to the fishes for me ๐Ÿ˜‰