Rowley Shoals Diving shots

Here are a few diving shots from the Rowley Shoals. The water clarity has been stunning, the weather amazing and some great dives to be had for sure.

Couple the above with the great food that the True North chefs have been serving up, together with the care and attention from the famous True North crew and we have certainly had a relaxing time out here….gotta go for the Mock wedding on the beach!

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6 Responses to Rowley Shoals Diving shots

  1. hollyann says:

    Love the photos, diving there looks fantastic

    • True North Mark says:

      Thanks Holly Anne..nice to hear from you…the Rowleys would be up there with the best diving in the world I reckon!

  2. That is some super clear water and shots, cannot wait for some snorkeling myself. Looks awesome. Are you using a waterproof compact?

  3. Better that the GBR or Ningaloo eh?

    • True North Mark says:

      Best in the world mate! I have done over 3000 dives and all over the world!

      I rate it up there with the best for sure!