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My little buddy Christian Fletcher has been posting a few ‘altered landscapes’ of recent times and the suggestion has been to try and make a story out of a photo rather than just a straight landscape.

As I passed by this bike with True North in the background it occurred to me that the 2 forms of transport are diametrically opposed and could not be further apart from each other if they tried!

The bike would only cost a few hundred dollars at most to purchase and relies on human energy to make it work, with no impact on the greenhouse emissions apart from the occasional flatulence! πŸ™‚

True North on the other hand is a purpose built machine worth many millions of dollars that is capable of transporting people all around Australia to some of the most exotic destinations in the world. Sure there are a few emissions to deal with but when you consider the amount of people we get to these locations and just how far and out of the way they are, then i am sure we could amortise the emissions over the range of people who get enjoyment out of True North cruises couldn’t we?

Well, that’s my take on altered landscapes for a while…focus stacked using my 50mm 1.2 F stop prime!

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10 Responses to Transport Options, Altered Landscapes

  1. He's gone to the darkside LOL … I think I would much prefer traveling on the boat than biking it ….

    I have read somewhere that sometimes these eco friendly cars are not so friendly when considering all how the materials are made etc … I think it was Top Gear that did a study on a toyota prius v a luxury top of the range car and the luxury car came in much better considering hen taking into account the materials make up and eventual breakdown … Did I just open a can of worms? …

  2. Brett Morgan says:

    Nice image Mark I saw the same thing and even got the Wheelie Bins next to the bike in my image but have been to busy with the other images to post it ;).
    Nice and sharp though mate I myself am looking into the focus stacking now those images are so much sharper eh.

  3. Indeed Brett,

    I only use the stacking method with the 50mm, as the tilt shift is in a league of it's own for Shawnees thru the image!

  4. islandimages says:

    Nice, but it needs a shopping trolley or wheelie bin to elevate it to greatness.

  5. In Copenhagen the tourists rent these expensive paddleboats and paddle hopelessly clumsy around the lakes and canals – good entertainment. I guess that would be the outcome of a bicycle vs a boat (although I would hate to have to paddle power the True North, that would take quite a few vikings!)

  6. True North Mark says:

    Very funny Tim…I will opt for greatness only in the future mate πŸ™‚