Mitchell Falls

We woke up yesterday in the mighty Mitchell River. After an early morning cruise around the True North for a sunrise shot we flew to the Mitchell Falls on the True North heli, and landed at the top of the falls.

Note this is the only way to see the falls this time of year as the road in does not open till May at the earliest.

There was so much water coming over the falls yesterday, that the normal cascades were none existent. I am expecting that the King George falls in a few days will be quite something.

Off to the heli picnic at Eagle Falls today, which is one of my favourite destinations up here.

Stay tuned!

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9 Responses to Mitchell Falls

  1. Adam Monk says:

    Awesome! i've never seem Mitchell Falls anything like this, one day i'll have to make the investment and go up there with you on the True North…

    • Just let me know when Adam and I will come as your guide as I have done with Flembot and Dave!

      This is my first time on Trip 1 up here and I rate it for sure…the clouds are absolutely awesome.

      The sunset last night was so grand it was almost impossible to capture!

  2. Peta North says:

    Amazing, great shots and so much water. The sound would be incredible.

    I bet you have hundreds & hundreds of images…

  3. Tim Wootton says:

    Everything looks nice and green and there is plenty of water. King George Falls will be epic!

    • Yes indeed Tim…I think the volume of water doesn't suit Mitchell as well as it will King George actually….looking fwd to that which will be the day after tomorrow.

      We are at Drysdale tomorrow.

  4. Sweet stuff there Mark … Mitchell falls is something I'd like to see one day …

    • It is a cool place Neal, but I reckon it is actually more picturesque when the water is not flowing so much as the landscape is not grand enough to compliment the volumes of water going over it.

      The King George falls on the other hand are, so we are very much looking fwd to tomorrow!