‘Beauty and the Beast’!

This is another shot from this evenings shoot with Brent Pearson, the master of light!

What I like about this shot is how Julie’s beauty shines through in amongst the harsh surroundings, which I believe actually enhances her soft lines and grace.

There was not a lot of time to work this evening with only a few minutes of fading light, heaps of wind and waves splashing all over us and one set of lights between the 2 of us, so the challenge was on really!

But I came away with 2 half reasonable images that I am happy with and a few ideas for future shoots….thanks for the night Brent!

A second look at the above post suggested a closer crop would work, so I have now also posted that for comment and comparison.

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10 Responses to ‘Beauty and the Beast’!

  1. Peter Ng says:

    Hi Mark,

    Your new website looks great. Been enjoying your recent blog feeds from True North.

    Both shots have its merits. The wider shot gives me a better sense of space and scale. The closer up focuses me more on the interplay between the harsh rubble and Julie's beauty. I really like the rim lighting on the rocks and Julie. My only small nitpick is that my eyes keep getting drawn to the bright spot next to Julie's left shin.



  2. Hi Mark,

    The line running down her forehead above her right eye is distracting as well. I love the composition, warm light and the background.


  3. Ben Messina says:

    Hi Mark,

    Nice work! The background looks great. You've balanced the light nicely.

  4. Tom Parkes says:

    Great subject, lighting and background, works really well, congrats.

  5. Brett Morgan says:

    Hey Mark I think the first one works well with the wide shot it gives it a feel of real rustick and edginess something very original I like it eh mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Thanks Brett

    Glad you liked it mate!