Bigge Island Aerial

I haven’t posted many aerials from the trip, so I thought I would put this one up.

This is where the passengers were treated to evening sunsets drinks on the feature white beach. The passengers were treated to a range of oysters, from Kilpatric to Natural etc.

Meanwhile Dave and I were on the other island getting our gold from that perspective and Flemming was on his own adventure being stranded by one of the mega tides in the Kimberley, having the time of his life!

So many adventures in just one location!

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20 Responses to Bigge Island Aerial

  1. How cool is that little green pool of water? Would make a great swimming hole.


  2. A bit close to crock city for me mate!

    But I agree that if you could convince yourself that crocks had ‘left the building’ then waycool!

  3. Christian Fletcher says:

    look at all that ground down there. You could spend a week in that spot alone.

  4. Indeed mate…we opted to go to the other side of Bigge for our evening shoot, but I will for sure go back here!

  5. What a beautiful island, there are some nice blues in this good arial.

    Word of advice, the tides run out of the creek systems here incredibly quick πŸ˜€ But getting stuck is a true Kimberley experience, love it when something unexpected like that happens. And I got big hugs from the ‘tuckeries’ as we returned to True North late at night, they must have missed me ;D

  6. Greg Munyard says:

    I like it a lot, Markie – the beautiful water colours and stark white beaches (pity about the crocs); the beautiful pink but harsh, weathered rocks; the great Kimberley sky. Ditto re the photo at the head of this blog!

  7. Hey Greggy…nice to hear from you little buddy!

    Thanks for the feedback bud…catch up soon!

  8. dave bettini says:

    Yep like it mate. I should have went on that flight!

  9. Lucky I didn’t get kicked off then eh! πŸ™‚

    You should have said something and I would have stepped aside, no probs!

  10. Aahh yeah….I forgot about the scouting mission! Achieved that goal eh!

  11. Oooh I love that lagoon feature bit up amongst the rocks ! Is that high enough or too hard for crocs to get to ? Unlikely so given it has marine water in it from the high tide I presume… but looks divine for a dip πŸ™‚
    Looks like an awesome island to explore Mark !

    • It would be like playing Russian roulette Toneman…only instead of a gun the stakes would be if you were to become a crock dinner fest or not!

      Yep you could spend a few days exploring around here eh!