Peninsular Storm

Just an example of how the total landscape changes in a couple of hours in the Kimberley. Still in the Bigge Island area and looking North gave me a great perspective with the Peninsula and an approaching storm.

I am quite happy with the results here!

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21 Responses to Peninsular Storm

  1. Ben Messina says:

    Nice image Mark, the clouds look great.

    • Thanks for the comments Ben, Peta, Jamie, Tim and Flemming…Flembot, no I have not desaturated at all…that is how they looked on the day and I have tried to get the look as close to what it was. In fact if any thing the process I was using to bring out the clouds might have added a little saturation!

  2. Peta says:

    The clouds are amazing, they look low enough to touch.

  3. Hey Mark,

    I love the contrast of the moody sky and the calm waters. Very cool.


  4. That is friggin cool! Possibly my favourite of your Bigge island images. Are the clouds desaturated? Might be worth seeing what the looked like coloured.

  5. Tim Wootton says:

    Nice one, sky looks great!

  6. dave bettini says:

    Gee you get drawn into this image eh? Nice and wide.
    Someone on TN kept stressing how important leading lines were. No who might that have been?

  7. Great super wide angle composition Mark – the sky looks great in particular.

  8. Andrea Green says:

    Is it this one I missed Mark? I love this shot, I thought I had already commented. You just do way to many posts and us little plebs just can’t keep up with you. It’s amazing how many shots you do. Is this a stitch Mark, your tilt shift or wide angle lens? How do you decide which one your going to use?

    • Hi Andrea, yes it is a 3 image stitch done with the tilt shift. I just look through the images in camera raw and see which one catches my attention. Sometimes I will have a quick look at levels to see if anything cool is lurking in an image and often I will trash it after that if it doesn’t grab me. Yes it is the image I wanted you to see…I rate it eh!

  9. It really depends on the composition Andrea.
    Most times for a pano, I’ll reach for the 50mm, but if there is a really dramatic sky the tilt shift often brings home the bacon, by both getting all the sky in and also exaggerating the leading lines in the shot.

    • Andrea Green says:

      Oh cool Mark, I think I’ll have to have a crack at a tilt shift at some stage, I know you’ve said before how awesome it is and that it’s so good because you can get everything sharp from the foreground to background when you use the tilt.
      I have been having a crack at more pano’s using my 50mm but I need to do the stitching to actually see how they turn out, been a bit slack.

  10. Andrea Green says:

    Sweet Mark I’ll give you a call or drop you an email when I get back.

  11. Nice dramatic storm shot. Would love to see a time lapse video of something like this, although that would be kind of hard to do with a 3-image stitch. Guess you’ll need a really wide angle lens ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Indeed Armand…I only started doing time lapses after returning from that trip, so maybe next tine!

      You are correct in assuming a time males would be epic!