Porpoise Bay wreck

In amongst all the Northerlies at Rottnest on the weekend, we did end up with some nice moments, such as this evening when Flemming and I went out for a sunset shoot near where the Porpoise bay wreck site is.

The shot seemed to work better in Black and White. Hope you all had a great Easter and ANZAC Day, so I guess its back to reality again now eh! 🙂

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3 Responses to Porpoise Bay wreck

  1. Is that wreck the Shark? I keep meaning to snorkel it when I am over there. Thanks for your help tonight I can’t wait to try out the new tricks. I love the clouds in this shot. Its really cool the way you’ve captured the water running off the rocks back into the water meeting the water about to hit the rocks creating a mini wave. Hope that makes sense.


  2. Yeah you nailed this one buddy, works nicely in black and white. And you filled that black hole in top left corner with a signature, well done 🙂