Earth and Sky!!!

On the last Kimberley trip I was focused on coming home with a few different textures and colours for some abstract compilations. Coming out of the Regent we witnessed an amazing array of colours in the sky which prompted me to shoot a few images straight up.

Whilst putting them together it occurred to me that some ground textures would mix in well and this is the result. I think it works well…I hope you do as well!

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22 Responses to Earth and Sky!!!

  1. Greg Munyard says:

    Fabulous, Markie – I love it! I can see that hanging in lots of trendy homes, especially places with nice timber floors. Top notch, my friend.

  2. Tim Wootton says:

    Looks quite cool mate!

  3. Adrian wayte says:

    Hey mark I was doing this last night with some forrest images
    This is awesome
    The rock textures add a pillar structure between the images
    First class my friend

  4. That is a cool idea dude, well executed. It looks like a triptych hanging on a wall made of Kimberley rock, looks damn good!

    • Glad you like it little buddy!

      I have worked out how to make pano size shots out of singles eh!

      I also have some more ideas for different abstracts from the shots we took up there….stay tuned!

  5. Looks good Markie – be nice on a wall !

  6. dave bettini says:

    You might be onto something here mate! Looks good, great juxtaposition. I also reckon a wide vertical of the clouds with a narrow strip of rocks down one side might also look good.
    The rock textures are so good.

  7. nothing beats a good tone ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Hey Markie Mark. What a funky idea. Looks really cool, will you include this in your exhibition? I think its exhibition worthy.


  9. sandy@shots says:

    ooo…love the composition and colours. Really simple but very striking.

  10. Christian Fletcher says:

    You know I like different stuff and you have nailed it with this concept. Really creative thinking and great to see. I think we should have more of it.

  11. Hey Sandy and CF…glad you liked it team!

    I have a few more different ideas up my sleeve!

  12. Pete Hodgson says:

    I think it’s all been said, pulled it off with this one Mark. Contrasting textures and great colours have really made it.

  13. Cleggy says:

    It’s a winner mate great stuff! Thinking out side the box on this one.

  14. Andrea Green says:

    Awesome Mark, this looks super cool.