Night Cat at Fremantle

Flembot and I went out this afternoon and shot some very cool altered landscapes.

How were the clouds today?

I hope others were out an about as it was simply awesome down where we were!

This was the last shot i took today and it shows the Orange Cat bus streaming past my shot.

I have been eyeing this perspective off for a while now and shot it both last night and this afternoon.

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14 Responses to Night Cat at Fremantle

  1. We had a stunning day with the most epic of clouds as ordered by Markie for my last day, thanks buddy! We were capturing some great altered landscapes around Kwinana. ‘Scapes that will win a certain upcoming competition πŸ™‚

    I really like the bus here, adds motion and a sense of action to this.

  2. dave bettini says:

    Wonderful mate. The lights are situated perfectly!
    Told ya you would have them all up tonight!
    I was also going to say ‘great colours’ but that is very taboo at the moment!

  3. Thanks for the comment you didn’t say mate! πŸ™‚

    Another one just about to go up!

  4. Great looking shot Mark. Those street lights look brilliant, and the bus really adds some interest.

  5. Cool image Markie – the glow on the norfolk pine is sweet too.

  6. I like this one Mark.

  7. Andrea Green says:

    Cool shot Mark, can I ask why are you not allowed to say “great colours?” Why is it taboo?

  8. Sure beats the hell out of me..but I think it is a private joke between Flembot and the Dude Andrea…you can say great colours if you are so desireth Andrea! πŸ™‚

  9. Yes possibly Andrea…will call if it suits.

  10. Kirk Hille says:

    Nicely exposued images mate .
    Have always wanted to shot this building