Christian Fletcher, the passionate instructor!!!

I can now confirm that we have had a lot of interest in this years Kimberley trip which is fantastic. Stay tuned to hear who is thinking of playing ball!

The title of this post should give an insight into the subject matter and of course it is about my mate and mentor, Christian Fletcher.

In my life, I have always done everything at 110% and along the way I have met some wonderful and passionate people who have assisted me to reach my goals. But for sure I have never met anyone who has the total package like Christian does.

He is a self taught photographer, who can hold his head up high as one of the most successful photographers in Australia. He has 3 successful galleries in Dunsborough, Margaret River and Mandurah.

Like any profession, there are many people who are good at their profession, but few who can maintain the passion and who have the flair, skill and want to share their knowledge.

In this area Christian Fletcher is a shining light and he is streets ahead of anyone I have seen as a tutor in photography. His passion is as strong today as when he started 20 years ago and he genuinely gets a kick out of seeing people he has mentored grow and shine.

I am a product of Christian’s mentoring skills and now together we make a great team. I know the Kimberley better than anyone from a photographic perspective, simply because I have been there so many times on the mighty True North.

I think Dave Bettini summed it up last year when he decided to join me on trip one in the Kimberley when he said: ‘I have done the math and weighed up the cost of hiring helicopters, looking at the logistics of what I can carry in the heli, how I can carry enough storage for my photos and have enough charging capacity for batteries etc. I then looked at what I can achieve on True North and the fact that True North goes to so many places simply inaccessible by car or heli flying from Broome or Wyndham and it becomes a no brainer to go down the True North path. You can go as hard as you like during the morning and afternoon shoots as you know you have the luxury of True North to come back to and freshen up, have a 5 star meal and then go out and go hard again. True North has spoiled me forever with swagging it in the future, Dave says now!’

So, if you are a keen photographer and you want to fast track yourself to going from a keen photographer to a very competent photographer, whilst having the trip of a life time, then I suggest you bight the bullet and secure a cabin on True North before they all go!

In closing I would like to once again thank Christian for making me all what I am today along with other mentors and shooting buddies such as: Flemming Bo Jensen, Brent Pearson,Dave Bettini, Neal Pritchard, Jamie Paterson, Tony Hewitt, Rod Thomas, Tom Putt, Tony Middelton, Ian Wise, Phil Back, and Mike Fletcher.

North Star Cruises are now in our 25th year and are the most awarded cruise company in Australia. Our catch cry has been for a long time: ‘go wild in style’. Add that to the statement that everyone says when they get off the True North, which is: ‘the best holiday I have ever had’ and you have the winning formula!

I look fwd to welcoming you on board in April next year. See the previous post for details!

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7 Responses to Christian Fletcher, the passionate instructor!!!

  1. Christian Fletcher says:

    awe shucks Markie, I have to say this is probably the best post you have ever put up :-0)
    We are going to have a ball on this trip and now with Tommy Putt coming it is going to be a lot of laughs too, mainly at his expense, but laughs none the less. I am sure he will bring the pink feather boa.
    Thanks for the great wrap Markie, you are the only person I know that has the passion and commitment to do what others sit back and wish they would do. Procrastination isn’t a word you know, you though it was an operation to get your prostate out! Go wild in style with Markie Mark! Come along for the adventure of a lifetime.

  2. Thanks little buddy…but I meant every word.

    The serious guys are now seeing the value who also share our passion, such as Flemming Bo Jensen, Dave Bettini, Rod Thomas and now Tom Putt!

    Come play everyone…this is shaping up to be an epic trip!

  3. Hello guys, from the other side of the world. All well here, very very tired but it’s nice to be home and my sister is awesome in welcoming me.

    True North is so good it cannot be described, you just have to get on and experience the best trip of your life. I have been fortunate to been on two and already scheming how to get on the next (PNG extended I think!)

    Wish I could come play on this one, might have to apply for that deckhand job now that I know my port from starboard πŸ™‚

  4. I’ll be more impressed if you can pronounce it next time I see you mate πŸ™‚

  5. Game on mate…I will ensure that is so whilst I give you the big welcome cuddle back to Aus!