Tom Putt now booked to join us on True North

It is now official. Tom Putt is joining us on the Christian Fletcher Kimberley cruise next year.

Tom called me last night after I put the blog post up and he said that he was close to joining us last year, but he couldn’t quite swing it time wise. He also said that after seeing what Dave Bettini, Flemming and myself captured on this years trip, he was not going to miss out again!

Tom is a very accomplished photographer in his own right and is a multi APPA award winner as well as being an APPA judge.

Welcome aboard Tom and I look fwd to hearing from anyone else who would like to join us!!!

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4 Responses to Tom Putt now booked to join us on True North

  1. I simply must come play, gotta get that job as deckhand. No way I can let Tom win and look better than me in drag! I’m the king! Well queen anyway! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Andrew Brown says:

    Sounds awesome, one day the planets may align……