Mothers Day tree!

On Sunday, like most other Dads around the place, I went along to a family picnic at Bicton Baths and Flemming Bo Jensen joined us.

Once we had lunch we saw the clouds evolving overhead that ultimately became the clouds we shot at Kwinana, but as they were evolving, this perspective caught my eye.

A little different again…hope you like it!

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14 Responses to Mothers Day tree!

  1. Hi Mark,

    Sorry mate. I don’t like this at all………………… I freakin love it. Its got a really cool Infrared look to it. Great stuff.


  2. Ta Jamie!

    I wasn’t sure about it, but I am trying to push the envelope at present and get out of the comfort zone, which prompts some experimentation!

  3. Brett Morgan says:

    Nothing wrong with experimentation mate not bad at all I have an image I love that I found the other day I will have to post it I think πŸ˜‰

  4. Nice mark, the bottom section looks like a sand dune being blown by some fierce winds …. I was just around the next corner from you doing the exact same thing ….

  5. I await the post with a worm on my tongue mate! πŸ™‚ …baited breath!

  6. Dang Neal…if we had’ve known we could have snuck out with Flembot and done a sneaky shoot! Only to be shot later by our respective wives…doh! πŸ™‚

  7. Great sky there Mark, I like th econcept with this one though the tree looks a bit too infra reddish for my taste…plenty of others will love that though !

  8. Love this one. The sky in the bottom half looks like some kind of rock texture.