Fremantle Power Station Moonrise

In keeping with the previous post this was a 3/4 moonrise shot recently whilst out with Jamie Paterson…in fact he was standing right next to me on this occasion!

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22 Responses to Fremantle Power Station Moonrise

  1. dave bettini says:

    You love that power station mate!
    Looks good mate!

  2. If you ask real nice, I will take you in there one day mate…oh OK, even if you don’t ask nice!

  3. dave bettini says:

    He he I’ll be out the front looking for shore birds!
    Looks like a spooky place!

  4. Jamie was a bit over awed by the place when I took him there eh Dave. It really is quite something, I can tell you!

  5. See there you go….you asked nicely and you are there son! Just call when you are ready and we’ll be there…reminds me of a song I once heard! πŸ™‚

  6. Yep. It certainly had me thinking. I knew I just wanted to shot those large windows. Nice shot mate. I actually forgot that we came back to this.

  7. Christian Fletcher says:

    you nailed it Markie, love this shot. well done big buddy.

  8. Peta says:

    Great shot building looks very majestic.
    Let me know when you are going, it looks amazing inside.

  9. Andrea Green says:

    Oh well seeings how everyone is inviting themselves can I join the party too. PLEEEEASE, I asked nicely πŸ™‚
    Great shot Mark, I’m not usually into the industrial shots and altered landscapes but I’m really liking what your doing with it all at the moment.

  10. Indeed! Looks like we might have a party! πŸ™‚

  11. Great one dude, that power station is such a cool place !

  12. A big tick from my other little buddy as well…waycool!

    Getting sunburnt in that Denmark Summer yet mate?

    • Eh not quite, the sun disappeared and it’s been raining for two days, the coldest days I have experienced in 7 months πŸ™‚

      Sun is promised to return today though, I need to summon some Summer soon πŸ™‚

  13. We still have blue skies here and Northerlies again…just for something different!

    Its still about 25 degrees during the day as well! We had a little bit of rain on Tuesday night, but that was shortlived!

  14. Christian Fletcher says:

    wont be raining in the Kimberley!

  15. Go on rub it in mate! Flembot will be crying already! πŸ™‚