Raffles Sunrise

I took this shot last Saturday on the same bike ride when I had the close encounters with the Black Swans. As I ride around the river most Saturdays with a bunch of mates, I often ride past this location thinking; !I must bring the camera one morning!

Well this was the morning and it worked well. Have a look at how El Nina is affecting our tides lately! There are so many areas around the river where jetties that would normally be 300mm above the water at least are now underwater!

The Raffles used to be my favourite haunt back in the day! My how its changed now!

That is where I used to dance to Stairway to Heaven Merv! πŸ™‚

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21 Responses to Raffles Sunrise

  1. dave bettini says:

    Yea nice again mate! He he I think you mean La Nina. The sister of El Nino.

  2. Hi Mark. Remember the Jets at all? They used to play at the Raffs. I’ve been trying to get this shot for months and its not quite worked for me. Should’ve used a different lens!

  3. Dare I say it? …………. Those were the days.

  4. Andrea Green says:

    Wow wicked shot Mark, looks great. Nice reflections in the water too.

  5. Brett Morgan says:

    One of my favourite shots of this area mate captured it well indeed I remember a shot of flames trees inspiring me not so long ago from this same area.
    I think I will have to get out for a looksie need some Autumn shots haven’t taken a shot in weeks cheers for the inspiration again mate πŸ™‚

  6. Cleggy says:

    Great Shot Mark. I used to see this little jetty from the bus when i was working in the city thinking i had to get down there as well. Very Nice mate!

  7. Thanks Mr. Clegg!

    Along the way I have seen many a photo opportunity and thought, nah…will get it next time round. But next time never comes I have found!

    It is here and now and when you see things they need to be captured. I have lost a few shots by not seizing the moment!

  8. Interesting comment Mark. After having the ‘obvious’ pleasure of spending the day in the Prado with you on the 21st of December after MF ripped the back door off, we talked heaps and the takeaway comment for me that day was, ‘if you even slightly think you want to shoot something, stop and do it now as you may never get back to it.’

    It was great advice that has resulted in me getting some shots that I never would before.

  9. Please that I could be of assistance with some inspiration of some sort mate! πŸ™‚

  10. stunning sky you scored there mate !

  11. mervfrench says:

    You would still fit in at the grab a granny night at the Raffles I’m sure Mark. πŸ™‚

  12. I fitted in when I was 22, so I am sure I would fit in now mate! πŸ™‚

  13. Adrian Wayte says:

    Hey Mark last week this was submerged with only 5 posts sticking out of the water and I thought now that looks cool but this looks awesome. Broken down construction with a reflective modern building in the back ground. Very nice mate