Rugged Sunset!

Most sunset images are clean and beautiful, so I thought I might post this ‘altered landscape’ version!

I like the contract between the beautiful colours off in the distance and the bedlam in closer where the block of concrete have been randomly placed.

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12 Responses to Rugged Sunset!

  1. Adrian Wayte says:

    Dramatic contrasts indeed. Nice light on the algae in the foreground.

  2. Nice spot mate. Its funny how we were standing initially in the same spot and then you elected to pop down here and shot and I went off to the left to shot some rocks.

  3. Andrea Green says:

    This shot is just so super cool Mark, I love it.

  4. Cool…with comments like that you can return any time you like Andrea!

  5. A very cool and subtle take on the altered landscape theme. What I like especially about this one is the little bit of texture still visible in the foreground.

  6. Thanks again Armand!

    It is kinda breaking the rules a bit with the warm colours in teh back ground and the cool in the foreground…but yep it sort of works eh!

  7. The chaos is pretty cool at this spot and likewise in this image mate, I can’t help but thinking that it may look better as a high contrast B&W.

  8. Nice Mark. I really like the different shapes in the scene.

  9. Thanks Graham…yes it is a bit different eh!