Prince regent side creek pano

On the day of the first heli picnic the numbers didn’t work out and there wasn’t a spot for me, so our ships naturalist and I went on a bit of an explore up the mighty Prince Regent river and we found some wonderful unexplored areas.

This creek was off to the North of the Prince Regent River and was as far up as you could get by dinghy as there was a rock bar that would only be covered in bigger tides and even then you would be cautious about going further as your working window would be quite small where a miscalculation would see you stuck there until the next big tide!

The little tree in the foreground had these amazing yellow flowers which very much stood out from the rest of the colours in the scene, so I made that the feature of this pano.

The other attraction to me in this shot were the foreground formations in the rocks.

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8 Responses to Prince regent side creek pano

  1. Tim Wootton says:

    Good result from a little bit of ‘off the map’ exploring!

  2. Thanks Tim…yep I reckon it was a bonus that I couldn’t go as we found a number of cool new things that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise!

  3. I dreamt I was back on True North last night. The PNG and Kimberley trips were so mindblowingly good I doubt I have ever laughed that much. Best trips ever, you will have to invent True North Space trips to beat them. Must go again soon πŸ˜€

    • I think EPICNESS Incorporated trips might happen before then mate and I think that is quite real and not dreaming!

      • Sounds fantastic! I am working up my King Georg Fall’s images right now, several versions actually, in between coughing up a lung or two, and am writing the blog post. Will be finished in a few days, stay tuned for the whole story of Epicness Inc πŸ™‚ Oh how I wish I had a shot of Dave stumbling through the bush! Should have had the Fuji for documenting gold like that.

  4. I look fwd tonthe post mate… What’s the coughing all about there dude…you done gone and got yourself a flu there boy!:)

    Sounds like you need a Markie cuddle and some yak juice!

    I too am looking fwd to getting a Fuji as well.

    • It is so so so so bloody cold here, rainy and 14 degrees, very unusual for the season. Summer, where are you. I have the worst cold ever, feel like death. Yeah I could do with a Markie Miracle cure πŸ™‚

      I have three totally different versions of my King Georg shot. 1. Early morning overcast soft light with the TN in it. 2. Cheery happy sunny version with rainbow. 3. Very processed dark dramatic storm version, with dropped in storm sky and dark look πŸ™‚ Think I’ll post them all.

  5. Sweet mate!

    Go son go! Still 25 degrees offshore and Blue skies mate!

    I think we stole your summer!