The Old Swan Brewery Perth

It is not often in Perth where at Sunset you get almost a total glass off, but on Friday just gone we had just that. I had arranged to me Adrian and Andrea there for a shoot and rode around the river in time to get this shot.

The breakwater has only recently been cleaned up around this area which made for a totally new perspective of the old Brewery site.

An 8 shot pano with my 50mm.

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6 Responses to The Old Swan Brewery Perth

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  2. Great pastels there Mark ! This spot looks a bit difficult to get an ideal composition…

  3. Yes it would be nicer if the sea wall came around a bit more for sure Toneman!

  4. Tim Wootton says:

    Not bad mate,a larger brewery would look better but you look a bit restricted for viewpoints!

  5. Andrea Green says:

    Hey Mark, it’s cool to see how different the lines are in yours compared to mine when we’re only a meter if that apart. Your line is much stronger.
    Hey I reckon you have to get out in the boat and take the shot in front of the brewery.