Midland Workshop Shoot for FORM, with Christian and Mike Fletcher

A couple of weeks ago Christian and Mike Fletcher, Ben Walton and myself went up to the Midland railway workshops courtesy of FORM and Midland Atelier to shoot the vast array of old buildings and machinery.

We were very lucky with the cloud cover that evening and the general light conditions, which very much suited the overall look we were hoping for.

The shoot went from 1400 hrs till Midnight for me, when my battery finally gave up the ghost! Christian and Mike stayed on over night and woke up to an eery fog which lead into some early morning rain. I have seen one image from Christian with the fog and it looks very cool!

There will be more to come from this shoot and I would like to sincerely thank Jayne from FORM for her hospitality as well as Midland Atelier…very much appreciated.

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34 Responses to Midland Workshop Shoot for FORM, with Christian and Mike Fletcher

  1. Gorgeous work! Love the water tower shot πŸ™‚ Absolutely love that area, did a fashion shoot in there a few months ago.. lots of fun πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, love the two bottom ones! Great moody atmosphere. The texture in that rusty water tower looks awesome. I guess this is a HDR shot?

  3. Ben Messina says:

    Great set of images Mark! I really like the first and the third, nice processing.

  4. Thanks Ben….we did have some great elements to work with, so it worked out pretty well actually!

  5. matt saul says:

    Hi Mark, looks like a cool place! would have been a lot of fun!
    1st and 4th shots for me, I like the deep reds. Watch the grad on the first one though (dno if it was in post or a grad?) but you should brighten up the lightpole/flag to match the light pole in the bottom half of the shot.. would make it jump out more too and look pretty cool!
    Where are you for the long weekend? Rotto im guessing? we will be down south, so if you are we should do a shoot!

  6. Thanks Matt…I am down south as well staying with a mate in Eagle Bay.. I am up for a shoot and a surf if you like…I will text you where we are going.

  7. matt saul says:

    Sweet as! wayno will be down too so maybe some beers (and a lemon squash for you) is in order..forecast is looking pretty good at the moment, all day offshores and a bit of swell around..Thinking maybe Boranup on Sat (maybe could follow with a shoot down that way + the forest)…Then lefties strip should be pumping sunday/monday i rekon…guess bears could be an option sunday monday too (be pretty crowded though i rekon!

  8. haha.. seems like half of Perth is going to be down south.. I’m photographing a wedding down there on Sunday πŸ™‚

  9. Yep it will be good pretty much everywhere I feel…I will have a few troops with me, so will have to go with the flow…I will text you what we are up to.

    Arvos for a shoot after surfing will work and or evenings.

  10. So that is where you were all playing, Christian told me about that place, will be awesome to go there with my buddy next time I’m down! I’ve seen a few of Christian’s shots too, darn cool stuff.

    You did well in exploring some industrial landscapes, good work and the look is great. I particularly like the dark no. 3, the darkness works well here, good use of the clouds.

  11. Thanks little Buddy!

    FORM likes them as well which is good. It was a fun arvo and evening for sure.

    I worked up a few more last night that I should ve able to post tomorrow.

    I would like to take little buddy out to this epic altered landscape destination on your return!

  12. Eden says:

    Love the clouds and color in the first, third, and fourth shots. Very cool!

  13. Ian Wiese says:

    Hi Mark. I like no 4 (ex Water Corporation employee obviously has a bias towards water tanks!). I think you could have rearranged the railway lines to point towards the water tank. I am sure Christian would have helped!

    Looks like half the photo blogging community will be down this way over the long weekend.


    • Thanks also to the other regulars, Tim, Andrew and Ian! Ian, I will give you a yell if we are going out on a shoot this weekend!

      • Ian Wiese says:

        Looking forward to it. I think I will be going out on a walk on the Cape to Cape trail probably Saturday morning. I’m not sure where yet, but probably about a 10k stretch that is fairly isolated. Photographers welcome!


        • I am afraid that the surf will be taking priority in the mornings Ian as it looks like it could be smokin’!

          Afternoon or sunset shoots are more likely, depending on arrangements back at the ranch!

  14. Tim Wootton says:

    Some good images there Mark, nicely done!

  15. Andrew Brown says:

    Great work Mark, really nicely processed. No.4 for me

  16. Peta North says:

    Some really cool images Mark, also like the processing…

  17. Adrian Wayte says:

    Yep best from the recent shoot, this is frickn awesome markie. Look forward to the exhibition at FORM gallery

  18. Thanks heaps Adrian! Just working on some more now actually!

  19. Adrian Wayte says:

    Welcome mate. You have certainly planted a seed regarding the 1Ds Mk IV after seeing your MKIII. Reading current predictions of both new releases (5D MkIII & 1DsMK IV)which is all rumour and speaking with Ben at team digital the 1Ds sounds superior in my mind and I will be buying body only and would like a body to last me 3 yrs instead of 18months or so depending on how heavy handed I am with it and shooting all weather conditions !

  20. Glad to be of help Adrian….one thing to remember as well is that the 1Ds is considerably heavier than the 5D, so your kit will be overall quite heavy. I justify it by simply treating my excursions as a workout! πŸ™‚

    • The 5DmkII with a battery grip weighs about the same as the 1D.. you get a great forearm workout with it and the 70-200mm f2.8L at a wedding πŸ˜‰

  21. Sounds like the 1Ds with the 28-300 L series! My daughter can barely lift it! πŸ™‚

  22. But they are tough! I have proved that! πŸ™‚