Oldsmobile maybe?

Following up from my last post, here is the grill view that might assist some of the more savy car buffs to identify the vehicle.

I am having trouble locating Dogga, so see what you can find out. I think that Greggy Munyard is onto it as my search on Google seemed to suggest similar shapes, but I could not find this grill?

Anyway…see how you go!

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18 Responses to Oldsmobile maybe?

  1. Greg Munyard says:

    Thanks, Markie – didn’t know you had a front shot. (Nice one, BTW, with the sun through the window).
    I knew it was a Chrysler product! It’s a Dodge Kingsway. As I said in my post on the other photo, there were quite a few of them around. There were very few Oldsmobiles, as they were a more expensive car; GM’s 3rd top car after Caddy and Buick.

  2. Greg Munyard says:

    No, mate – not a Studebaker. Their grills around that era had a “V” in the middle; the 1956 Dodge Kingsway had one of those domes that were popular at that time. Fords had them too, eg the Ford Customlines of the early 1950’s (which my parents had).

    There were others, too, culminating in the Marilyn Monroe brassiere look of the amazing Cadillac Eldorado. That’s how I remember this sort of stuff πŸ™‚ . Check out the front end on Google. Of an Eldorado, I mean – from about 1954 – 1957.

  3. Mervfrench says:

    Well researched Greg,

    I was thinking Dodge.

    • Greg Munyard says:

      Thanks, Merv. This assumes I’m right πŸ™‚ Was a bit tricky because I see on the internet Dodge Kingsways with quarter windows and this car doesn’t have them.

      Maybe I’m wrong with the year, and it is a later year (when cars lost those windows), or maybe they’ve been removed, with the glass. But the rear end is distinctively Chrysler group and the grille definitely a Dodge Kingsway, so I think we just need to look through the unexplained quarter window mystery.

      That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. … for now πŸ™‚

      • Ian Wiese says:

        Looking at other photos of the Dodge Kingsway on the Internet, the metal that separates the main window from the quarter window is pretty flimsy, and not an integral part of the door. My guess is that it fell off over the years, with the glass – as you say. There was also a similar rear quarter window in the Internet photos, and these seem to have gone as well. Apart from that a 56 Dodge Kingsway looks to be a very good match.


        • Then on the strength of that additional info Ian, I now declare that it must indeed be a 56 Dodge Kingsway…thanks again Greggy and also to Ian for the additional info!

        • Greg Munyard says:

          Ian, you were dead right about the metal surround for the quarter window rusting away over the years! I went and inspected this wreck courtesy of the generosity of the Thompsons and found out that is exactly what had happened.

          So the Dodge Kingsway is confirmed – as you thought, too, Merv.

  4. The man has a plethora of info stored away in that brain of his Merv! You should hear him go on music! πŸ™‚

    • actually I cannot imagine a subject that Greg cannot go on … and on…. and on and on and on about ;D ;D Greg is an awesome friend, VVAP buddies forever!

      • He is daman with da info eh dude! VVAP extraordinaire buddies forever!

      • Greg Munyard says:

        Awww. Thanks mate – lovely comment. You’re a fantastic friend too and, if possible (??), an even better photographer. My friends (OK, my one other friend in addition to Markie) say my recent shots are way better. A very large reason for that it is my following some of what you recently taught me.
        It really got going on the amazing Volcano trip on the True North with Markie eh! With help from both of you, I always hoped to stumble on a couple of good shots one day. VVAP buddies forever!

  5. No idea what sort of car it is but I like the image.

  6. Michael Fletcher says:

    Sounds a bit dodgey mate…..hehe!!!!

  7. As part of the ‘Dodge Brothers Incorporated’ team, you should know there little buddy! πŸ™‚