Christian’s take on the last image!

Christian had another suggestion with this image, which was to add some noise…I think I like the idea!

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14 Responses to Christian’s take on the last image!

  1. Andrea Green says:

    mmmmmmmm Sorry still just not into the texture, sorry Mark, oh and Christian too.

  2. Doh…must try harder…must try harder! πŸ™‚

  3. sorry mark seems you have gone the other way … I would of gone the way of finding the layers and enhancing those layers through curves and them maybe gone black nad white in the end … Much the same as I did on a image I took a couple of years back of san francisco … I think you may know the one ….

  4. cliveaddison says:

    ” I’m cracked up” with the enhancement. Actually prefer this version. Clive.

  5. I see you live up in the hills… nice πŸ™‚

    I like that you took out the roof in the foreground, but the texture isn’t really my thing. Noise could be interesting. It can sometimes give the image a little extra definition. Would have to see it really large though…

  6. The foreground is great now mate. I am not quite sure that is the correct type of texture, I would try something more gritty and industrial like a cement/concrete look. The type of texture must match the image or it will not be effective.

    Alternatively, instead of texture, add some fat chunky film grain (not noise, but film grain look).