Fremantle rain storm

I was down at Fremantle earlier today and I could have easily been in PNG with the strength of the deluge that hit the heart of Fremantle. The drains were totally overloaded and the resultant flood waters were way up over the pathways.

On return to Henderson I was told that they saw a water spout over Fremantle about the same time. At least I managed to ping off a shot of the drama, but i am bawling at missing out on the spout…dog!

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6 Responses to Fremantle rain storm

  1. Super cool mate. Certainly something you don’t see every day that is for sure.

  2. Christian Fletcher says:

    i saw on the BOM radar what looked like some heavy rain over Perth. That is crazy!

  3. Drainage certainly is struggling there, sounds like a nice downpour ๐Ÿ™‚