Avalon Surfer

A satisfied surfer walking back from Avalon Point today.

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11 Responses to Avalon Surfer

  1. Now that is cool, best you’ve done in quite a while, love it. The gray desaturated sky works so well with the pale ocean and the lone surfer.

  2. Sure has got the coastal winter look to these last couple of shots Mark.

  3. Nice stuff Mark. Its a shame about all the weed that is on the beaches at the moment. I saw a nice candidate for a shot down at Cottesloe the other day but the weed just really turned me off.


  4. Too true mate. It certainly doesn’t detract from the photo in this case.

  5. Chris Mcguirk says:

    an excellent photo Mark, i love the wintry contrasts.


  6. Very nice shot. Great colors, plus it tells a little story. Personally would have opted for a slightly wider crop to give the clouds a bit more space.

  7. Thanks for the input Armand….I only cropped down from the top I think on this one, but maybe should have zoomed out some more!