Storm front approaching!

We had another major storm approaching the coast leading up to sunset this evening so I decided to go to Cottesloe and get a simple composition including the famous bell.

This took a bit of doing I can tell you…but anyway here it is…hope you like it!

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13 Responses to Storm front approaching!

  1. phil back says:

    hey markie
    i dont mind this one mate but i recon just cropping out the groyne to the left its a little bit distracting but other wise nice image mate

  2. Thanks Philbo!

    Yep could be right there mate!

  3. Hey Mark. Great shot I can just imagine how hard it would’ve been to pull this together.


  4. You have no idea mate…nearly went in the bin a few times! and thanks again Philbo!

  5. As always just goes to show that persistence and doggedness always pays off. Well done mate.

  6. Well worth the effort Mark.

  7. Andrea Green says:

    How many shot’s is this one Mark? Looks awesome but I agree with Phil the groyne needs to go.

  8. The standard 7 shots Andrea! Glad you liked it!

  9. Andrew Brown says:

    Cracker of a shot mate, think that it has been mentioned but cropping out the headland to the left would be my suggestion as well which will draw the eye to the bell and the impending kick arse storm