Cervantes Jetty Nightscape

On the way up the coast on the weekend we dropped into Cervantes for a night shoot.

By crikey night shoots are hard…especially when its pitch black!

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13 Responses to Cervantes Jetty Nightscape

  1. I love night shoots.. less people around.. you have the world to yourself πŸ™‚ Great image!

  2. Thanks Paul….yep I love em and hate them all at once!

  3. Adrian Wayte says:

    night shots how the hell do you focus I find them so bloody hard but Will Ophius has got them sorted !

  4. Night shoots are hard, but this one turned out quite nice! Love that color cast on the jetty.

  5. I like this one Mark – great shape tot hat jetty and crystal sharp image mate πŸ™‚

  6. Ben Messina says:

    Nice image Mark, I like the selective focus you’ve used, really makes the jetty stand out.