Looking to the Light!

I hired a 100mm L series Macro lense from team Digital for last weekends wildflower trip and I very much enjoyed using it. The most interesting side of using a macro lense for extended periods of time to me feels like you are taking part in a movie like ‘honey I shrunk the kids’!

I had a towel and my tripod down to its lowest point and wandered around my new huge landscape area that probably only totalled 20 square meters!

It is quite amazing what you see when your focus comes into such a narrow field.

I will for sure be doing more of the Macro shoots and I look fwd to exploring this avenue of photography!

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11 Responses to Looking to the Light!

  1. mervfrench says:

    This is where the Zacuto really comes into play.

    Macro is good fun, I must upgrade my old Sigma 100 to a Canon though.
    I have a macro rail which is almost a mandatory piece of kit for macro as well.

  2. Indeed Merv…I love my Zacuto and use it on just about every shoot now! Love it Love it Love it!

    It would seem that I am somewhat ignorant as to what a Macro Rail is dude! What the hell is a macro rail mate?

  3. I would’ve lent you my 100mm macro if I’d know you wanted to use one.

  4. mervfrench says:

    It’s an adjustable rail forward and back, left to right. Something similar to a pano head slide.

    It’s for fine focus adjustment in macro shots. You mount it onto your tripod and the camera mounts onto the rail. You then adjust it while looking thru the view finder so you get critical focus. I bought mine off eBay several years ago and use it when attempting macro shots. I really should get into macro more often.

  5. Peta says:

    Macro is. New world and a lot of fun…great for abstracts …the there’s macro flash and extension rings,,,,,it never ends…

  6. Look on the bright side Peta…I guess there are simply lots more things we can put on the list for Santa! πŸ™‚

  7. Peta says:

    That’s the beauty of owning a camera store….

  8. Didn’t know you did Peta…where is it and what’s it called! πŸ™‚

  9. Peta says:

    It’s Camera Solutions in th Murrat St Mall

  10. I’ll check it out one day eh!