Fremantle walk around.

I did another walk around in Fremantle the other day and I must say that it is a fun way to spend a few hours. I left my camera bag behind and just ventured out with my camera tripod and 17mm Tilt shift to see what I could find.

The images above are just a few of the resultant images.

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14 Responses to Fremantle walk around.

  1. Nice set Mark … love the treatments on the 1st and 3rd ….

  2. Tim Wootton says:

    Some nice architectural shots there mate!

  3. Thanks Tim…I am enjoying walk arounds more and more!

  4. Pretty cool results. I have a hard time deciding between the B/W and the colour version of the church. But I guess that’s why you put them both up.

  5. You got it Armand…very undecided on that one!

  6. The colour version of the church would be my pick.

  7. Sam Clark says:

    I love that too Mark, getting back to the basic kit!
    I like the sepia and black and white ones best.

  8. Tom Parkes says:

    Cool shots Markie,
    Love the middle one.