Rottnest Season is now officially open!

Well, what a beautiful weekend we had here in Perth and what better way to kick it off but to spend the weekend at my most favourite place on the planet..Rottnest Island! I went over on a mate Riv and we surfed the morning away very successfully at Stricklands and then cruised back to the Quokka Arms for lunch and to watch the back end of the footy.

We caught up with some Rotto mates we hadn’t seen since last season then around to long reach for some shots and more canapes after sunset with the same crew.

My mate Jamie Paterson recently asked for some Rotto shots…here you go mate…Rotto colours at their best!

The very Northerly swell made for some sweet swell lines going out through the channel at Transit!

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21 Responses to Rottnest Season is now officially open!

  1. love those clouds … really nice perth weekend … second shot is sweet mate with those lines …

  2. Why thank you Mark, I knew you were up to the mission. My favourite would be the Transit swell lines. I do really like the Longreach one as well though. Really conveys that early Rottnest season feel. You know the whole great weather with very few people to share the beach with feel?

    Great shots mate.


  3. Peta says:

    Yes it was a lovely weekend and great shots, summers coming…

  4. Can’t wait – love Rotto. I like the swell lines here, interesting how clearly one can see them.

  5. Charlene says:

    I can’t believe how clear those swell lines are. It must have been very calm where you were. Or is it just the wide angle making it visible?

    • Hi Charlene,

      The swell lines often come through the Northern Thompson channel when there is a Northerly swell running as was happening on Saturday. When it gets a little bigger than this we get breakers coming right into the channel which can make it interesting when you are picking your way through the breakers on a boat! Where the swell lines are shown is a break called Transits that is a fun mal wave.

      It would have been good to have surfed it on Saturday for a bit of fun, but couldn’t get any takers!

  6. Andrew Brown says:

    Great shots Mark, particularly like the second. Love the clouds

  7. Looking awesome in the second image there Mark ! mmm…..