Sunrise glow with the mighty True North!

Just one more post for this evening on the same theme as the previous with a stern view of the mighty True North just as the sun kisses the horizon.

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11 Responses to Sunrise glow with the mighty True North!

  1. Greg Munyard says:

    Not a stern view of the mighty True North at all, Markie. She looks happy showing off her lovely rear end, mate!!

    I like how you’ve captured her with the lights still on from overnight. Adds to the feel that it’s early, early morning, and the calm of that hour.

  2. Well picked Greggy…the next shot a few seconds later was exposed for the sun and the boat was really dark!

  3. It’s darn near perfection buddy. The mighty TN looks ready to take a run at the sun, always ready to venture forth into new adventures. Best ship in the world, I miss her.

  4. Charlene says:

    Another awesome one. This would be one to hang on the wall of the North Star Cruises office, surely!

  5. Brilliant image Mark, absolutely love the stillness! I reckon it’s hard to get a bad shot of the True North though mate, it’s a gorgeous ship, really looking forward to doing a proper trip on her one day πŸ™‚