Scorcher Kimberley Sunset

I thought I would post another Kimberley Sunset image and I have named it Scorcher because that is what is says to me…burning up the sky on True North in the Kimberley!

A reminder that we still have some slots on True North for next years trip 2 with Christian and Myself leading the charge! I will guarantee that you will see sunsets like this on most evenings!

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17 Responses to Scorcher Kimberley Sunset

  1. you gotta love those amazing colours … nicely captured ..

  2. Thanks Quixdraw! πŸ™‚

  3. looks awesome Mark ! i’d love to get long one day πŸ™‚

  4. Ahhhh take me back. It was magic. And EPIC πŸ™‚

    Rob a bank, do whatever you can, get on True North in the Kimberleys!

  5. I just love those Kimberley sunsets. I could easily spend a week on a seluded beach up there by myself capturing stuff like this. Its an awesome shot mate.

    BTW. I was looking at Mike’s video. What was all that white fluffy stuff above Bluff Knoll?


  6. Gorgeous work Mark! I would much rather be up north in the heat than back here in Perth in the cold.. it was a bit of a shock after the lovely heat in Cambodia! lol.

    Amazing clarity in the clouds in this image, love the colours too!

  7. Peta says:

    Lovely Kimberley sunset, I can imagine a cocktail in one hand and a Camera in the other…..

  8. Nice mate! couldn’t beat a beer on the deck watching that!

  9. Andrea Green says:

    It’s a stunner Mark.