Beautiful Rottnest colours to kick off the season!

The official start to the Rottnest season this weekend for all the regular Rotto goers and we were treated to beautiful clear waters and some classic Rottnest colours.

The basin had snorkelers, a charter boat, stand up paddle boards and heaps of kids playing in the shallows, all of which made for some tranquil summer time scenes.

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18 Responses to Beautiful Rottnest colours to kick off the season!

  1. Woo hoo!!! Lots of photos of Rottnest time. You know I’ve loved almost every photo you produce of Rottnest and these two are no exception. Love em mate.


  2. Cool. It will be interesting to see how each of you ‘see’ Rottnest.

  3. Gorgeous colours.. unfortunately I was off photographing a wedding today.. otherwise I would have definitely been out for a snorkle.. I’ll have to get across to Rotto and go for a snorkle or scuba dive one day. The only time I’ve been to Rotto was Australia Day on the True North!

  4. Graham Dillon says:

    Great photos and one can never have too many of Rottnest. I look forward to your book.

  5. Yahooo, Rotto season has commenced, I cannot wait, no place like it. Also really look forward to being the editor and writer for Mark’s and Peta’s forthcoming book on Rottnest.

  6. Now that top image looks inviting mate ! I’ve gotta get over there some time ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Andrew Brown says:

    Great shots Mark, geez I miss W.A , maybe 2012 might be the year for a return visit???

  8. great colours and look how clear that water is …. that bottom pic really sells the colour and clarity ….

  9. That it does Neal…that it does!

  10. dave bettini says:

    Beautiful mate. And I too agree that the colours and purity of the water is amazing. We were out near Rotto whale watching yesterday. Never been before and felt a bit like like a tourist but fun none the less!

  11. Cool mate…we need to get you out there proper!

  12. Peta says:

    Great shots, looks inviting. You gotto love the basin. can’t wait to get started on the book.
    Looks like summer is on the way. I have been down south camping on the Pallinup River for a week and couldn’t get over how hot it was when I got back last night, still jumper weather down there.