Canning Bridge Infinity and Boranup from a new perspective

The above 2 photos are of course totally unrelated, but they are the most recent I have worked on!

I scouted the Canning Bridge image a few weeks ago when I did the bridge shoot and I wanted to go back with my 50mm to get this shot. It has worked out quite well and I think the name infinity works for the image.

The Boranup Forrest shot was taken last weekend with Ian Wise from our trusty super tripod AKA the Cherry Picker!

Getting up above the forrest floor certainly brings some ‘new light’ to the forrest image…hope you like them!

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28 Responses to Canning Bridge Infinity and Boranup from a new perspective

  1. Two of your best mark. Very nice pov on both especially the forest capture. Nice tones as well

  2. Andrea Green says:

    Awesome shots Mark. I can so see the Canning Bridge one with someone there. I am absolutely obsessed at the moment with Joel Grimes sooooo many ideas. It’s gonna happen soon. I reckon you need a big, black dude (not being racist) and arms folded with a tight shirt on or no shirt and that would look awesome.

  3. dave bettini says:

    G’day mate
    Are you drawing parallels between the trees in the forest and the logs used to construct the bridge?
    Any change of removing the vandalism on the bridge?

    Seriously mate the Canning Bridge shot is like Neal said one of your best. The composition is dramatic and powerful!


  4. Got to get me a cherry picker! Love that Boronup Forest one. Talk about huge coincidence because I just post a Boronup Forest one as well!!!! Great minds perhaps?


  5. Ian Wiese says:

    A cherry picker is the ultimate tripod. It conveys an air of authority and you can stop traffic, whatever. Park it in the middle of the road and people will find ways to go around you without disturbing your shoot! Try that with your average Manfrottto! Oh – and it also gets you way up there for a different viewpoint.

    Your Canning Bridge shot is superb – well done Mark. Doesn’t need a big black dude but a model on a surf ski paddling towards the camera!

    As far as the Boranup shot goes I have one quite similar. This is not surprising as we took turns with the cherry picker. However mine is different and the difference shows how much two people interpret a scene in their own way even when confined to the same “cage”. You went “wider” whereas I went for more of a vertical shot using the two big karri trees as a frame. When I look at the two I do like the colors in yours – the light was deteriorating quickly around that time with the sun burning off the clouds and the light became very harsh very quickly.

    • Yep the cherry picker was gold mate!

      And for sure it is cool how we all see things differently!

      Thanks for the vote of confidence on the Canning Bridge shot as well!

      • Ian Wiese says:

        When I compare your Canning Bridge shot with the Narrows shot you posted recently this time I see a shot that has only one place the eye must go to – this time it is compelling.
        The Narrows Bridge shot was probably two shots in one. The Narrows bridge part had an equally compelling “leading line”, but then your eye was dragged off to the side to look up the river (and this was probably a nice shot as well).
        My comment about the model was partly serious – I think the really great landscape shots are those where the photo draws your eye through the photo and winds up somewhere. The very good images just take you through the scene. Gold is when it takes you through the scene and arrives at the real reason for the image. I find that this is hard extremely to achieve – leading lines are easy but finding something that they lead to (apart from “the distance”) is not.
        This is probably why I have not been able to get a gold award yet!

  6. All valid comments Ian!

  7. Peta says:

    Great shots Mark, Canning Bridge is a winner for sure.

  8. Ben Messina says:

    Nice images Mark, I really like the perspective of the forrest image.

  9. Thanks Ben…the cherry picker is the play for these sort of shots for sure!

  10. I like these two mate, in fact the bottom one almost warrants a bit of mongrel status !

  11. Dan Scott says:

    Hey mate,
    Both strong images, but i love the perspective of that last one. very cool idea with the EWP.

  12. Thanks Dan the man! EWP???

  13. Adrian Wayte says:

    smashing them out Mark. Forrest shot is a gem of a shot. Cherry pickers are the rage in italy to shoot the iconic landscapes in order to get over and above the tourists!

  14. Tina says:

    Superb shots mate, not much more to add that hasn’t already been said.

  15. Christian Fletcher says:

    Boranup, brilliant, bastard!!! BBB

  16. Did I hear some swearin there mate! I like it when you swear at me! πŸ™‚